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291 Church Street
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Modular Culture
dal 30/6/2009 al 30/6/2009
6:30 pm

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Modular Culture

Apexart, New York

Architecture and the Art World's Great Franchise Experiment

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Architecture and the Art World's Great Franchise Experiment. As part of apexart's Franchise Project, Joseph Grima will discuss the role of architecture and how it relates to the success story of franchising in the U.S., examining the standardized architectural prototypes of franchising alongside the typography of the white cube gallery space. He will also discuss the expansive growth of large-size modern and contemporary art museums, the architectural language generated by the franchising phenomenon, and its repercussions on the nature of the artwork collected and exhibited.

Franchise Program
dal 25/1/2015 al 31/1/2015

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