Bank Hall Marina
Syren Street Brasenose Road

Urbanism 09
dal 15/9/2009 al 19/9/2009
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Urbanism 09

Bank Hall Marina, Liverpool

A series of exhibitions, interventions and events along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal between the two hubs of St Winefride's & St Richard's School, Merton Road, Bootle and Bank Hall, Liverpool. Visitors can travel from the Promising Land to Portoallegro during Propositions for the Happy City, to examine real case studies of creating positive spaces.

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Urbanism 09 presents new commissions by international artists and architects invited to respond to the canal over the past year as well as the exhibition of muf’s Feral Arcadia and the five shortlisted designs for Waterworks, a mobile hub for watersports and environmental education on the canal. The route of the event runs along the canal from St Winefride’s & St Richard’s School (St Winnie’s) on the canalside in Bootle to Bank Hall in Liverpool. Following in the footsteps of Utopians before them, St Winnie’s has been transformed by architects Raumlabor, artist Kerry Morrison and food activists Squash Nutrition into an Urban Arcadia, while artist Danilo Capasso presents Portoallegro on the canalside at Bank Hall.

Liverpool Biennial is also pleased to be working in partnership with UP Projects on special events throughout the week, including commissioning Public Works' Canal Club and presenting Rob Sweere, Ben Parry's Terminus and MOTH Video.

The week includes Propsitions for a Happy City from Artists, Activists and Architects on Thursday 17 September; the How to Design a Happy City conference on Friday 18 September, and on Saturday 19, a unique opportunity to speak to artist Rick Lowe who founded Project Row Houses, an inspirational program that bought 22 houses in the middle of one of Houston's poorest neighborhoods, and renovated them into art galleries, workshop spaces, offices and housing for young single mothers (11-12.30pm at St Winnie's, contact for details).

Visitors can travel from the Promising Land to Portoallegro during Propositions for the Happy City on 17 September 2009, to examine real case studies of creating positive spaces. Talk to the bees, talk to the sky, drink tea in the floating Tea House, paint in the floating studio, explore the Feral Arcadia museum, make chutney in the Squash vegetable garden, take a swan pedalo down the canal and make plans for the Happy City . . . with David Bade, Ben Parry, Kerry Morrison, Squash Nutrition, Raumlabor, Maciej Kurak, Danilo Capasso, Muf Architecture, Public Works and Rob Sweere.

The How to Design a Happy City conference on 18 September 2009, in association with Places Matter!, explores alternative ways of planning and redesigning our cities and neighbourhoods, starting with the premise of not simply providing more houses but improving the quality of the spaces between them and the wellbeing of their inhabitants. Speakers include Pete Halsall (CEO of visionary developers Bio-Regional Quintain), Joost Beunderman (Research Associate at Demos), Ian McArthur (Regional Director of Groundwork) and Michael Palwyn of Exploration Architecture.

The week reaches a climax on Saturday 19 September 2009 with a water-borne parade at 6pm, including an upturned Black Cab, a floating Mint Teahouse and a whole variety of crafts created by artists and residents who live in the neighbourhoods along the canal; giving a whole new meaning to the traditional processional ‘float’.

About the Liverpool – Leeds Canal

Water, in the shape of a major spring, the Irish Sea and the River Mersey was historically the lifeblood of this area, all connected by the canal. Following half a century of post-industrial decline the area has turned its back on the canal and wildlife has flourished.

Spring 2009 saw one of the most exciting developments in British canal history when the canal was opened up to join to the newly built extension across Pier Head, terminating in the Albert Dock, This link offers a unique experience of the World Heritage Site, the new Museum of Liverpool and provide narrow boat moorings in the heart of the city. Regenerating and reanimating the northern approaches of the canal and its environs offers unprecedented opportunities to augment the quality of life in adjacent neighbourhoods, many of which are part of the government’s Housing Market Renewal Initiative (HMRI).

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Urbanism 2009
10-20 Settembre 2009
Tel: 0044 753 1575177
Press Officer Biennial:

Opening open Wednesday 16 September h.11
Press launch/preview at St Winnie’s, Bootle and Porto Allegro, Bank Hall, Liverpool

Friday 18 September h.18-20 grand opening
Launch party of Danilo Capasso’s Porto Allegro at Bank Hall, including showing of Ben Parry’s Terminus and guerrilla-style video projections by MOTH

Saturday 19 September h.18-20 Canal Parade
from St Winnie’s to Bank Hall (Boats gather at 5.30pm at Carolina Wharf, Bootle, finale at 8pm at Bank Hall)

Bank Hall Marina
Syren Street Brasenose Road, Liverpool Gran Bretagna
opening: 11-18 each day of Urbanism
free admission

Urbanism 09
dal 15/9/2009 al 19/9/2009

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