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19th International Garden Festival

Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, Chaumont-sur-Loire

2010 theme: "Body and Soul" Gardens

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"I was born and bred in my younger years in the garden of France: that is Touraine." Rabelais, Pantagruel, IX

At the heart of the garden, body and soul rejoice. It is a place full of the well-being, of "the otium", of the restful- ness described by the people of antiquity, and above all "the place where you feel good". It is a space that has an impact on all the senses and is the ideal place to find peace and serenity: a space that favours contemplation and stimulation of the imagination.

However, it is also the place that gives life to those plants that care for the body, and more generally medicinal herbs, aromatic plants, condiment plants... The garden creates drugs, but also ointments, perfumes, flavours... Sometimes considered to be a place of redemption from our torments, it is also a place that restores and cares for the mind. "Touching the earth" has an impact on our internal equilibrium and it has been possible to measure the power of the garden on cerebral and neurological pathologies. Physical exercise, intellectual activity, friendli- ness, everything in the garden works together to encourage positive energies.

The garden also cares for injured landscapes, which it embellishes, restores and repairs; it even contributes to purifying nature when it has been poisoned by human beings (pesticides, various types of pollution, etc.) with depolluting and detoxifying plants.

The garden cares for the soul and the body, but it also arouses passions, "body and soul" commitments in the cause of beauty, happiness and well-being. Stendahl wrote that "beauty is a promise of happiness". The garden knows how to keep this promise and give us the pleasure of contemplating it in all its invention and diversity. Nobody can be unaware any more of how the garden takes care of us, deeply influences both body and mind and so helps "care" for us and heal us in various ways. Horticultural therapy, phytotherapy, hedonistic therapy are amongst the multitude of therapeutic practices engendered by the garden.

Jean-Pierre Changeux, the famous neurologist, has been appointed Chairman of the 2010 Jury. He is a trained biologist, is also the author of numerous publications on art, ethics and philosophy and in particular chairs the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the preservation of the national artistic heritage.

Around twenty gardens have been selected by the Jury from over 300 proposals that came in from all over the world. Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands are represented this year. A "free green hand" will also be given to the novelist Jean-Pierre Le Dantec, a garden expert, to the landscape architect Michel Racine, to the visual artist, Béatrice Saurel and to the artists, Anne and Patrick Poirier and to the choregrapher Benjamin Millepied.

With "Gardens of Light", a truly original illumination of the Festival’s plots, the visitor will also be invited to go on a really novel nocturnal walk.

The 2010 gardens provide therapy for the soul as well as the body, and are an invitation into a world of serenity and harmony.

from 03 April to 03 November 2010

"The Aviary" - Installation by Anne and Patrick Poirier – Stable Riding Ring
"Capella in the Clearing" - Installation by Anne and Patrick Poirier – Copse
"The Eye of Memory" - Installation by Anne and Patrick Poirier – Copse
"The Eye of Forgetfulness" - Installation by Anne and Patrick Poirier – Ice-House in the Valley of Mist
"Place of Dreams" - Installation by Anne and Patrick Poirier – Loire Esplanade
Sound installation – Chapel
"Silence" photography by Anne and Patrick Poirier – Château
Installation II/10 - "Reflections" by Bob Verschueren – Farmyard Footbath
Installation III/10 - "The Path and Constraint" by Bob Verschueren – Hayloft Gallery
Installation IV/10 - "The Challenge" by Bob Verschueren – Hayloft Gallery
Installation V/10 - "The Plant Kingdom" by Bob Verschueren – "Bee Barn"
"Greenhouse Scene" - Sculptures by Côme Mosta Heirt – Greenhouse and Farmyard
"The Landscape Hand" - Installation by Marie Denis – "Bee Barn"
"Unrooted Trees" - Installation by Benoît Mangin and Marion Laval-Jeantet – Stable Canopy
"Philloplasties" - Installation by Karine Bonneval – Château

from 03 April to 31 August 2010

"Landscapes of Syria" exhibition by Thibaut Cuisset – Château Gallery and Library
"Flowers" exhibition by Toshio Shimamura – Princess’s Salon
"Greenland" exhibition by Marc Deneyer – Porcupine Gallery
"Forest" exhibition by Marc Deneyer – New Stable Gallery
"Hivert" exhibition by Marie-Jésus Diaz – "Donkey Stables"

Commission placed with Jannis Kounellis – Château

"Gulliver’s Forest" - Installation by Nils-Udo – Château Grounds
"The Tree with Ladders" - Installation by François Méchain – Château Grounds
"Solar flutes" and "Fireflies" - Installation by Erik Samakh – Château Grounds
"Toi(t) en perspective" and "Toi(t) à terre" - Installations by Rainer Gross – Château Grounds
"Plant Spiral" - Installation by Patrick Blanc – Stable Yard
"Stockage" [Storage] by Luzia Simons – Château
Installation by Victoria Klotz – Dog Cemetery, Château Grounds

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Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire
41150 Chaumont-sur-Loire - France
The International Garden Festival is open every day from 29 April to 17 October 2010, from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm. A guided visit of a selection of gardens takes around 11/4 hours. An unguided visit takes 2 hours.
Garden Festival & Grounds, Adult price: 9.50 euros / Children’s prices: 7.50 euros (12-18 years old) and 4.50 euros (6-11 years old).
From April onwards, the Château is open from 10 am to 6 pm (times vary according to the seasons). Guided and unguided visits.
Château & Grounds, Adult price: 9.00 euros / Children’s prices: 6.00 euros (12-18 years old) and 3.50 euros (6-11 years old).
Twin ticket for the Château, Grounds & Garden Festival, Adult price: 15.00 euros / Children’s prices: 11.00 euros (12-18 years old) and 5.50 euros (6-11 years old).

19th International Garden Festival
dal 28/4/2010 al 16/10/2010

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