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Valerio Rocco Orlando
dal 2/6/2010 al 2/6/2010

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Valerio Rocco Orlando

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Valerio Rocco Orlando

Momenta Art, New York

Lover's Discourse. A video installation

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Momenta Art is pleased to present the world premiere of Lover's Discourse, a video installation by Italian artist Valerio Rocco Orlando created during a six month residency at ISCP, which shows the portrait of a relationship through different narratives. Lover's Discourse takes as its starting point French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy's theories about being-in-common and the dynamics of self-reflection coexisting in webs of relations. The work is a collection of interviews with young couples who answered flyers left by the artist in cafes, bars and laundromats in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Exploring a number of perspectives, Orlando investigates communication within couples' relationships as well as identity of the individual partner to expound on the fundamental value of reciprocity and how it helps develop one!s consciousness of community.

Valerio Rocco Orlando
dal 2/6/2010 al 2/6/2010

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