Guest Projects
1 Andrews Road E8 4QL (Sunbury House)
Happy End
dal 10/6/2010 al 6/7/2010
Friday - Sunday 12-6pm

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Andro Semeiko

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Happy End

Guest Projects, London

A Transmitter To the Ultimate Way of Contemporary Living. A twelve-week show.

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From May to July 2010, Basement Art Projects presents a twelve-week show: Happy End / A Transmitter To the Ultimate Way of Contemporary Living at Guest Projects, London. The exhibition features works by international artists Andro Semeiko, Yu-Chen Wang, Alasdair Duncan, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Ad de Jong, Sheena Macrae, Andrew Darke, Lakis and Aris Ionas, Sebastian Lowsley-Williams and Tomoko Takahashi and includes performance by Tom Eykelhof and Lesley Cook and a film programme curated by Georgia Korossi. The exhibition is curated by Yu-Chen Wang and assisted by Molly Bretton.

Vanishing Points
dal 3/7/2014 al 29/7/2014

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