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Emanuelle Etienne
dal 1/7/2010 al 2/10/2010

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Sabrina Dridi

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Emanuelle Etienne

Musee archeologique Lattara, Montpellier

Vera d'or. Sculptures, installations and videos associated with the figure of Casanova

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The artist is proposing a series of works (sculptures, installations and videos) which are attuned to the museum's space, settings and archaeological collections, while at the same time associating a "state of mind" associated with the figure of Casanova. So the inspiration asserted in her work through the synergy of air and glass permits the introduction of similar mechanisms in extremely perceptible terms. From collections of ancient glasses to test tubes, from glass-blowers' masks to inflatable balloons, breathing revealed as vital energy conjures up, with a great deal of subtlety. Vera d'or, a major work in the show and produced especially for the occasion, is part and parcel of the Cycle de Vera, embarked upon by the artist several years ago: a small glass house that is constructed on the basis of the golden number. The outer surfaces of the walls are covered with an unsilvered film whereas on the inside we see the engraved drawing of an architecture, a dreamlike reference to Venetian palaces. Curator Isabelle Grasset; the exhibition proposed as part of the contemporary art festival Casanova Forever.

Emanuelle Etienne
dal 1/7/2010 al 2/10/2010

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