Kunstraum Richard Sorge
Landsberger Allee 54, Old Brewery
18 x 24
dal 9/7/2010 al 30/7/2010
0172 3118431

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LA54 Berlin

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18 x 24

Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Berlin

A fundraising exhibition fully benefiting art association LA54 Berlin, part of the Sandbox festival

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A fundraising exhibition fully benefiting art association LA54 Berlin. Only limited by the 18 x 24 cm size, a large group of international Berlin-based artists generously contributed small works to this exhibition project that will amount to an kaleidoscopic token of the city's artistic exuberance and wealth of artsic positions. Within its prosaic restraints, 18 x 24 comprises an inspiring array of traditional, conceptual, ephemeral and poetic positions. Artists graciously taking part to the iniative include: Nico Heimann, Caylin Rose Janet, e (Torston e. Hoehle), Roos Versteeg, Cecile Coiffard, Art-Erhaltung, Mehrmagda, Jackie Baier, Willi Tomes, Astrid Kuver, Bernard Foll, Petra von Schmude, Daniele Bordoni, Renzo Marasca, Art Erhaltung, Marco Giani, Elena Belantoni, Nick Dewar, Serena Vestrucci, John Power, Hendrik Voerkel, Risako Yamamoto and many more. The exhibition opening on July 10th is part of the Sandbox festival which will turn the surroundings of Kunstraum into a participatory art playground.

Jens Kloppmann
dal 7/5/2011 al 7/5/2011

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