Fort Jay Theater
New York
Governors Island
Not a Place, An Outlook
dal 12/8/2010 al 18/9/2010

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No Longer Empty

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Not a Place, An Outlook

Fort Jay Theater, New York

A film program

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curated by Regine Basha for No Longer Empty

A film program curated by Regine Basha on Governor's Island's Fort Jay Theater for The Sixth Borough presented by
the group No Longer Empty. See below for full details

Films by Julieta Aranda, Javier Tellez’s, Jenny Perlin, Patricia Esquivas, Alan Michelson, Steve Roden, and Erin Shirreff. Luke Fowler films on Sunday selected by Christoph Cox

This film series is inspired by this Island’s odd position in time and space as being physically close yet ever so remote. Governor’s Island closed down in 1996, another close, yet remote time that remains in the blind-spot of our recent history; too recent to be nostalgic about, too long ago to easily recall. This selection of films is based on how this island has the uncanny ability to confuse our sense of time and space.

The films will reflect on place as a state of mind, temporal dislocations, simultaneity, history running backwards, and slowness. Included in the Sunday program is a rare set of screenings by experimental filmmaker, Luke Fowler, selected by invited guest, Christoph Cox.

Regine Basha is a curator and writer currently based in Brooklyn who has worked nationally and internationally for the past 17 years, beginning in Montreal as the Director of the Saidye Bronfman Centre Gallery then continuing in New York independently since 1997. See
Christoph Cox, Professor of Philosophy, teaches and writes on contemporary European philosophy and contemporary art and music.

July 16-17-18
August 13-14-15
September 10-11-12
September 17-18-19

Programs will run up to approximately 30mins beginning on the hour from 12- 5pm unless otherwise noted.
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The Fort Jay Theater
Governors Island - New York
Friday, Saturday and Sundays only
Films will run on the hour from 12-5pm
Free ferries run between Manhattan and Governors Island on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Manhattan ferries leave from the Battery Maritime Building (10 South Street) in Lower Manhattan.
Free ferries run from Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 on Saturdays and Sundays only. Pier 6 is located at the foot of Atlantic Avenue at the corner of Furman Street.

Not a Place, An Outlook
dal 12/8/2010 al 18/9/2010

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