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Joseph Beuys and David Kastner
dal 12/8/2010 al 27/8/2010

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Joseph Beuys and David Kastner

ICO Gallery, New York


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curated by Robert Berry

Joseph Beuys is one of the most legendary figures of twentieth century art; his work and ideas continue to impact on artists today. An enigmatic, self-styled ‘shaman’ who embraced radically democratic artistic and political ideas, he has attained almost mythical status. - Claudia Mensch

Ico Gallery is honored to announce “Distraction,” a two-man show featuring the works of German born artist Joseph Beuys and internationally recognized Floridian artist David Kastner, who in addition to his life as an artist, he is involved in the organization of international art exhibitions and loans art from his collection to a variety of institutions.

Joseph Beuys’ unconventional style challenged prevailing idea with his use of odd materials, his performances and installations. Beuys taught us through his life’s work that participation in art is the moment when we become one with the conscious intention and expression of the artist. It is this moment of communication between the art itself and the viewer when the art comes alive, acting as a communication device carrying the message of the artist to the participant, transforming the conscious patterns of the viewer.

Kastner’s body of work results from the study of light, color, and perception, and the artist has attempted to capture that ephemeral moment when color expresses itself as a thing of mystery, something ineffable. Although the language of light and color can be described with words, that language is best understood through participation with the art.

“Beuys was radically inventive,” said Kastner. “He transformed the way we think about sculpture and art in general.” Every artist has a body of teachers and fellow artists who influence their work. Goethe and Leonardo da Vinci were two central figures in Beuys studies, whereas Beuys is one of Kastner’s greatest artistic influences. Ico Gallery pairs Beuys and Kastner to showcase an unspoken dialogue between two of the most important artists of the twentieth century show, who both focus on the interchange between art and life.

For more information contact curator Robert Berry.

Opening: Friday, August 13, 8 - 10 PM

ICO Gallery
606 West 26th Street - New York

Joseph Beuys and David Kastner
dal 12/8/2010 al 27/8/2010

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