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Alicja Kwade
dal 7/10/2010 al 22/10/2010

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Johann Koenig


Alicja Kwade

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Alicja Kwade

Johann Konig, Berlin

backyardoutdoorsculptureseries #6. Solo show

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With a new work by Alicja Kwade Johann Koenig, Berlin presents backyardoutdoorsculptureseries #6. A massive sculpture in the form of stacked coal briquets, cast in bronze and leaf gilded, dominates the outdoor space of the gallery. Alicja Kwade thus continues her artistic revaluations of objects and materials which "put forward a new system of perceptual choices, based on questioning assumptions rather than taking for granted either cultural hierarchies or the mechanics of perception." (Kirsty Bell, 2010 in: Alicja Kwade (Cat.), published by Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover, Westfalischer Kunstverein Munster & Distanz Verlag Berlin) Opening reception Friday October 8, 2010, 6-9 pm.

Two Exhibitions
dal 6/11/2014 al 19/12/2014

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