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Born in Dystopia

Rosenblum Collection & Friends, Paris

An exhibition conceived as a manifesto

comunicato stampa

an exhibition by Steve and Chiara Rosenblum

In October 2010, Steve and Chiara Rosenblum will open a new space, named Rosenblum Collection & Friends, with an exhibition entitled “Born in Dystopia”. This first exhibition outlines a panorama of our recent history, from the post-war period to the present day. It’s a panorama that draws on the views of artists who tackle political, economic, social, and environmental issues.
The exhibition, which was conceived as a manifesto, sheds light on one of the angles of Steve and Chiara Rosenblum’s contemporary art collection.

“During the first five years of our art collection, we let contemporary works be our guide on a historical, social, ideological, and often introspective journey into the world around us. The works we acquired are very diverse: some of them are huge, some make you fall in love with them right away, others are more abstruse at first glance, and yet all of them stem from the artists’ outlooks on history.

We decided to focus on the post-war period up to the present day, because our generation has its roots in this period, a period that witnessed the globalization of culture. From the second half of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century, counter-utopias have progressively pushed the utopians to change their conception of the future of humankind.

The failure of the great ideologies, the rise of fascism in Western Europe and World War 2 are the main causes of degeneration of these utopias. If utopia describes “what is nowhere”, then dystopia describes what is no longer in its place. Utopia turns its back to reality. Dystopia transcends decadence. The former is a cry for hope, and the latter a desperate howl.

It’s this exploration of the dystopias that have made the biggest impression on our minds that became the backbone of the collection. September 11 was the trigger that put us face to face with the limits of a world that will never be the same again. We are grateful to the artists who enable us to ask ourselves about where mankind, ideologies, politics, nature, and money belong, in this world that has to be built for future generations.

The works we collect help us to formulate the right questions that bring out our gut feelings, our sensitivities and our empathy for the themes that are tackled by contemporary art in all its forms.

We’ve selected the works of 20 international artists to reflect our perception of the state of the world, and will display them at Rosenblum Collection & Friends for our first exhibition entitled “BORN IN DYSTOPIA”.

Steve and Chiara Rosenblum

Two new, monumental works by Matthew Day Jackson and Loris Gréaud will be unveiled at the Born in Dystopia exhibition. They were both made specifically for the exhibition.

List of artists: Ahmed Alsoudani / Christian Boltanski / Christoph Buchel / Matthew Day Jackson / Mounir Fatmi / Loris Gréaud / Ramin Haerizadeh / Rokni Haerizadeh / Mark Handforth / Duane Hanson / Andy Hope 1930 / Kristof Kintera / Barbara Kruger / Tala Madani / Aleksandra Mir / Andrei Molodkin / Lili Reynaud-Dewar/ Allen Ruppersberg / Steven Shearer/ Kelley Walker

Rosenblum Collection & Friends
183, rue du Chevaleret 75013 Paris
By appointment only
Admission fee: 10€
Children under 12: free

dal 19/10/2011 al 30/7/2012

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