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Show Off 2010

Port des Champs Elysees, Paris

In its 5th edition, the fair returns with international presence from around the world. Painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, video, and installation; all media will be presented en a unique format highly favorable to participating artists. Show Off''s 'Emergence' section is dedicated to featuring young emerging galleries with less than three years of experience under their belts. With Show Off's new commitment to Solo Shows, young galleries have a unique opportunity to feature a single artist and create a solo show of their work.

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In its 5th edition, SHOW OFF returns with its strongest international presence yet. Galleries and artists from around the world will participate in this year’s SHOW OFF art fair.

The British Are Coming: UK Galleries Hit SHOW OFF’s shores
The London-based Danielle Arnaud Gallery presents the latest work by Tessa Farmer, an artist known for her sculptural installations and detailed mise-en-scenes of fairies, plants, and insects. In the Emerging Galleries section of this year’s SHOW OFF, Room Artspace London will feature installation work by Gordon Cheung, a London-born artist with roots in Hong Kong. Ladiray Gal- lery, which will be opening its doors in London next fall, will present a series of drawings by the French artist Vincent Bizien.

Switzerland and the Netherlands Join SHOW OFF
Flatland Gallery, a veteran of SHOW OFF since its inception, returns this year with photographs by Jaap Scheeren. Also hailing from the Netherlands, La Gist Gallery will present a project entitled “Slow City,” conceived by the artist duo Thomas Elshuis and Erik Sep. From Switzerland, another veteran of SHOW OFF, Analix Forever will feature installation work by the Italian artist David Casini.

French Galleries, International Artists
A large number of this year’s French galleries will feature the work of artists from around the world. Gilles Peyroulet & Cie, newcomers to SHOW OFF, will dedicate their booth to work by photographer Fouad Elkoury, an artist living and working among Paris, Beirut and Istanbul. The Laurence Esnol Gallery takes an American turn with the work of H. Craig Hanna, while Vanessa Quang Gallery goes south with the work of Chilean artist Voluspa Jarpa. The Catherine and André Hug Gallery will fea- ture the work of German photographer Stefanie Schneider, with Russiantearoom rounding things out towards Eastern Europe, presenting the work of Russian artist Dmitry Sokolenko.

A Partnership with MENASART FAIR in Beirut extends SHOW OFF’s Global Vision.
MENASART FAIR will debut in Beirut on July 13th and 14th, and is dedicated to promoting the work of artists from the Middle East, North Africa, and South East Asia. Its partnership with SHOW OFF repre- sents the alliance of two art markets with the common desire of promoting an emerging contemporary art scene in a global context.

SHOW OFF confirms its place in the international art scene through its selection of artists, galleries, and partnerships worldwide.


Acte2galerie (Paris - France) présente Vee Speers
Artaé Galerie (Lyon - France) présente Marie-Noëlle Décoret (Photographie)
Bailly Contemporain (Paris - France) présente Sabine Pigalle (Photographie)
BOUCAUDFINEARTS Management & Consulting (Paris - France) présente Mesha Sendyk (Peinture)
My Design & Concept Art Events (Paris - France) présente Vic (Photographie)
Danielle Arnaud (London -UK) presents Tessa Farmer (Sculpture)
Analix Forever (Geneva - Switzerland) presents David Casini (Installation)
Laurence Esnol Gallery (Paris - France) presents H. Craig Hanna (Paintwork)
Olivier Houg Gallery (Lyon - France) presents Mathias Schmied (Drawing)
Catherine and André Hug Gallery (Paris - France) presents Stefanie Schneider (Photography)
Moretti & Moretti Gallery (Paris - France) presents Gaetano K. Bodanza (Digital Art)
Gilles Peyroulet & Cie (Paris - France) presents Fouad Elkoury (Photography)
Guy Pieters Gallery & A.P.C (Belgium) présent Arne Quinze (Sculpture - Drawing)
Pascal Polar Gallery (Brussels - Belgium) presents Hassan Musa (Painting)
Taïss Gallery (Paris - France) presents Kristian Dahlgaard (Sculpture)
Vanessa Quang Gallery (Paris - France) presents Voluspa Jarpa (Installation)
Concept Art Events (Paris - France) presents Vic (Photography)
International Art Trade Gallery & A.P.C (Milan - Italy) presents Andrea Francolino
Flatland Gallery (Utrecht – The Netherlands) presents Jaap Scheeren (Photography)
GIST Gallery (Amsterdam – The Netherlands) presents Thomas Elshuis (Photography)


SHOW OFF’s “Emergence” section is dedicated to featuring young emerging galleries with less than three years of experience under their belts. With SHOW OFF’s new commitment to Solo Shows, young galleries will have a unique opportunity to feature a single artist and create a solo show of their work. 12m2 booths at an all- inclusive affordable price make Show Off’s section for emerging galleries, just a quick walk from the Grand Palais and the FIAC, an opportunity not to be missed.

Ladiray Gallery (London - UK) presents Vincent Bizien (Drawing)
Room London (London - UK) presents Gordon Cheung (Sculpture/photography)
Numéro Six Gallery (Aix en Provence - France) presents Matthew J. Atkinson (Painting)
Gallery Dix9 (Paris - France) presents Mehdi-Georges Lahlou (Installation)
ARTENACT (Paris - France) presents Pleix (Photography/video)
Olivier Habib Artisyou (Paris - France) presents Johann Milh (Painting)

Julie Maillard
+ 33 1 43 20 12 10

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 from 2pm to 6pm : Press preview
Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 from 6pm to 10pm: Opening night, open to the public by invitation. Pascal Lièvre will perform.

Port des Champs Elysées, at the foot of Pont Alexander III
between Pont des Invali- des and the Solférino footbridge.
Thursday, October 21st through Sunday October 24th, 2010: open to the public from noon to 8pm
General admission: 10 Euros
Art students enter free.

Show Off 2011
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