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The Great Escape
dal 3/11/2010 al 27/11/2010
daily 10-18, thu 10-21

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The Great Escape

Kunstlerhaus, Wien

Exhibition project.

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The exhibition project harnesses the constructive and manipulative power of photography in a collaborative process of visual invention that seeks to expand the forms of visibility and depart from what is otherwise regarded as logical, linear, and realistic. Twenty-four artists from nine countries participated in this communal operation, which took place in accordance with fixed rules in a "virtual studio" set up on the Internet. Initially, each participant contributed his or her own photographs to the "virtual studio". All participants then repeatedly manipulated each others pictures, working incognito under assigned nicknames. Over four months, this process has led to more than three hundred collaboratively created photographs around the theme of 'The Great Escape'. Curated by Brigitte Konyen and Ilse Chlan, Virtual Studio by Bradley G. Wherry, Brigitte Konyen, videoinstallation Ilse Chlan, sounds Josef Novotny. Vernissage Thursday 4th November, 4pm.

The Great Escape
dal 3/11/2010 al 27/11/2010

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