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MIA | MI Cielo 2010

Cielo on the Bay, Harbor Island

Fine Art Exposition in concurrence with Art Basel Miami Beach. The show is divided into sections dedicated to: Miami artists, International artists from 4 continents and acclaimed New York artists, and a photography exhibition. In addition to the Art Expo there will also be a number of special events. Saturday night will feature a celebration party at Cielo on the Bay with a public sculpture garden.

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A Fine Art Exposition of World Renowned Artists Held During Art Basel Miami Beach

The CCCV, My Private Art Club and CSM are proud to present the MIA | MI CIELO 2010 Fine Art Exposition in concurrence with Art Basel | Miami Beach. This curated group show will feature world renowned New York, International and Miami-based artists.

MIA | MI CIELO will be divided into sections dedicated to: Miami artists - an emerging presence of artists in the international community, International artists from 4 continents and acclaimed New York artists. Miami artists include 131 Projects, Aiden Dillard, Arleen Delima, Asser Saint-Val, Caroline Geys, Dan Marosi, Karelle Levy, Kiki Valdes, Lindsay Scoggins, Michelle Kane, Rafael Manresa. Butter Gallery represented artists include Ahol Sniffs Glue, Rick Falcon, Tawnie Silva and Yuri Tuma. International artists include Chin Chih Yang (Taiwan/New York), Felicitas Adler (Germany), Fredy Rodriguez (Cuba), Grace Yang (Taiwan/NewYork), Laura Kim (San Francisco), Yen Hua Lee (Taiwan) and Zheng Tianming (China). New York artists include Dan Witz, Bruce Stiglich, Edie Nadelhaft, Erik Pye, Gregory DeLaHaba and Ryan Cronin.

FOTO | CIELO, a photography exhibition curated by David Tamargo, features artworks by Humberto Torres, Joseph Tamargo, Andrew Woon, Nicolas Stipcianos, Stian Roenning, Valentin Mellström and Warren Whitmore III. Tamargo also curates the Eloquence Sculpture Garden, featuring artists Caroline Geys, Jeremy Dean, Rainer Lagemann, R.F. Buckley and Valeria Yamamoto.

The exposition name MIA | MI CIELO, is inspired by "Cielo" spanish for sky, blue, heaven, paradise, roof, canopy, angle, love and "Mi Cielo" which literally translates to "my heaven" or is used as an endearment, such as “my darling.” Exhibiting their fine art works, artists will be helping to transform the Cielo on the Bay into a rich, cultural heaven.

MIA | MI CIELO will be presented on the 4th floor of the Cielo on the Bay luxury condominium, a high-end residential building created by Mario Egozi, founder of Egozi Development, Inc. and designed by respected architect Luis Revuelta. Located on Harbor Island just north of the Art Deco District and the Miami Beach Convention Center, MIA | MI CIELO will transform the Cielo into a destination for contemporary art, performances and events and allow the public and art collectors and enthusiasts visiting Miami to view the increasingly influential contemporary art scene.

This curated exhibition strives to become a leading venue to discover work of emerging contemporary artists. Conceived as a more intimate experience at its serene and accessible bay-front location, the MIA | MI CIELO will bring the visitor closer to the artworks and artists at the creative forefront of their generation. In addition to the Art Expo being open daily from 11am to 6pm, there will also be a number of special events. On Friday, December 3rd Culture Shock Marketing CSM presents internationally renowned street artist, Dan Witz, who will be at the Cielo on the Bay from 6pm to 8pm signing limited edition, hand painted covers of his monograph book “In Plain View: 30 Years of Artworks Illegal and Otherwise.” A solo exhibition of Dan’s works will also be on view.

Following, guests are invited to the Wynwood Arts District for a party hosted by MIA | MI CIELO exhibitor Butter Gallery, featuring DJs and a preview to a special MIA | MI CIELO event on Saturday. Performances by internationally renowned museum founder and Trash artist Adler A.F. will also be featured throughout the expo. Shuttle services will be provided.

For a culmination of this inaugural MIA | MI CIELO fine art exposition, Saturday night will feature a celebration party at Cielo on the Bay from 7pm to 11pm, with a public sculpture garden also featured at the entrance to Eloquence. Cocktails for the Friday evening reception and Saturday party will be provided by 42BELOW Vodka. For further information on MIA | MI CIELO exhibiting artists and programming please visit

About MyPac
My Private Art Party (MyPac) is a multi-media, multi-disciplinary, transcontinental cooperative in the spirit of the Salon apostates of the 19th century. We help contemporary artists help themselves and each other. With the simple concept of shared space and shared resources, MyPac collectively encourages artists within close proximity, contiguous disciplines and mutual interest in forming coalitions, to introduce their art to each other and a mass audience. Founded in NYC in 2008, MyPac's flagship club has served as the foundation of a network of spaces through which artists can interact, share ideas and showcase their artwork. Our objective is to form MyPacs in each of the major artistic hubs of the 21st century. For more information, please visit

About the CCCV
CCCV is the Roman numeral for 305. CCCV is a new generation of artists under 30 making work for, about, or in Miami. CCCV is the Miami New Wave. For more information, please visit

About CSM
Culture Shock Marketing (CSM) is a New York City-based 21st century media consultancy, focused on serving creative communities. CSM is a valuable strategic partner, energetic and in tune with the innovative markets where art and technology interact. CSM is recognized for strategic and creative approaches to marketing, brand development and positioning in local, digital and global markets. For further information, please visit

Image: Dan Witz

Media Contact:
Debra Anderson, CSM, +1 (917) 363.6027 or +1 (347) 463-9023,

Opening: December 2nd 2010
Book Signing: December 3rd, 6pm - 8pm

Cielo on the Bay Expo
Eloquence Sculpture Garden 7935 East Drive
Harbor Island
North Bay Village, FL 33141
Exhibition Hours
Thursday Dec 2: 11am - 6pm
Friday Dec 3: 11am - 8pm | 6 - 8pm Dan Witz Book Signing
Saturday Dec 4: 11am - 11pm | 7-11pm Cocktails provide by 42Below
Sunday Dec 5: 11am-6pm
Admission Free and open to the public

MIA | MI Cielo 2010
dal 1/12/2010 al 4/12/2010

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