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Text Werke
dal 3/2/2011 al 26/3/2011
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Text Werke

Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg

On show works by David Adamo, Michael Ashkin, James Barnor, Cedric Bomford, Anna Faroqhi, NUG, Andrea Longacre-White, Jonathan Meese, Pauline M'barek, Jochen Schmith.

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A canvas sized 8,8 square meters hangs on the big wall in the hall of the Heidelberger Kunstverein. The piece was designed by Jonathan Meese, the German art star famous for his gestural paintings, his sculptures and installations. This large work is encircled by a series of black and white pictures with hardly recognizable images taken by the New York photographer Andrea Longacre-White. At first glance the two pieces could not be more different. It must be surmised that Meese's paintings with their highly exaggerated messages evolved in a deeply personal moment of creative urge, while Longacre- White's photographs revert to theoretical discourses of visibility and invisibility. It stands to reason to describe both pieces of art in short summaries of exactly this fashion. However, would that then be "correct“?

The exhibition TEXT WERKE offers the visitor not only one text about Jonathan Meese, but two. One of them describes the artist's life and his work in an expressive, and superelevated language based on biographical details. The other one uses a seemingly objective, almost overcooled language to describe the same picture by the same artist.

The exhibition will be presented in the hall and on the gallery (first floor).

Opening 4 February 2011 at 7 pm

Heidelberger Kunstverein
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