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Three exhibitions

Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen

The Spring Exhibition is one of the most important open submission exhibitions in Northern Europe, it presents 54 artists from around the world. The Clemens von Wedemeyer's exhibition takes the shape of a four-part film festival, digging increasingly deeper back into the artist's career. Also, the first block of the Research Programme has been created by Sarah Pierce, who has developed a series of projects inspired by the seminal anthropological film Chronique d'un ete.

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The Spring Exhibition 2011
5 March - 25 April

The Spring Exhibition is one of the most important open submission exhibitions in Northern Europe, and has been held annually at Charlottenborg since 1857. Submissions can be made by artists of any nationality and country of residence, and may fall into a wide range of genres associated with visual art, architecture, crafts and design.

The Spring Exhibition has long been one of the highlights of the annual programme at Charlottenborg, and has played a central role in the latter’s identity as an artists’ house. The 2011 exhibition presents 54 artists from around the world. The geographic spread is particularly large this year – an ongoing trend, and one that reflects our era of global communication.

The Spring Exhibition is organised by the Charlottenborg Fonden in association with the Kunsthal, and is selected by a jury consisting of artists and other arts professionals from Scandinavia and beyond. The jury for 2011 consists of the artist and curator Kirstine Roepstorff (DK, chair), the artists Thora Dolven Balke (NO) and Johanna Billing (SE), and the curators René Block (DE) and Leevi Haapala (FI).

Participating artists:
Ayman Alazraq (PAL), Peter Anders (DE), Gunvor Nervold Antonsen (NO), Marko Bandobranski (SE) & Tomas Stark (SE), Marisa Baptista (PT) & Nuno Barreiras (PT), Sébastien Berthier (FR) & Malin Pettersson Öberg (SE) & Shirin Sabahi (IR), Andrea Bianconi (IT), Jan Bowman (GB), Jóhan Martin Christiansen (FO), Panagiotis Dimitropoulos (GR), Rasmus Eckhardt (DK), Mani Ghodratnama (IR), Stefan Haase (DE), Pato Hebert (US), Anne Herzblut (DE), Helen Hughes (IE), Ann Jacobs (DK), Heidi-Anett (NO) & Lena Katrine (NO), Annette Kierulf (NO), Päivi Koskinen (FI), Riikka Kuoppala (FI), Anne Guro Larsmon (NO), Siri Lidbeck (SE), Anna Liljedal (SE), Lise Bjørne Linnert (NO), Joanna Lombard (SE), Emilie Lundstrøm (DK), Jumana Manna (PAL), Wasma Mansour (SA), Shahar Marcus (IL), Antonio Micciché (IT), Maximilian Moll (DE), Miri Mor (IL), Warren S Neidich (US), Yotaro Niwa (DE), Antonis Pittas (GR / NL), Vilde Salhus Røed (NO), Nadia Josefiina el Said (DK), Rui Sasaki (JP), Tommy Sveningsson (SE), Marie Boye Thomsen (DK), Christian Tonner (DE), Aki Turunen (FI), Stijn Van Dorpe (BE), Vigga Vangsgaard (DK), Wouter Verbeylen (BE), Jason Wallengren (US), Barbara Eva Catherina Zavodnik (SI), Simone Ærsøe (DK).

The Jury Award
The jury has nominated ten artists for the Jury award. The award recognises the utmost artistic quality and contemporary relevance and will presented to an artist, whose work/s has made a special impact on the jury. With the award comes a cash prize and a statement from the jury. The winner will be announced on the opening night Thursday 3 March at 9.30pm and the prize handed over by the chairman of the jury.

The ten nominated for the Jury Award:
Gunvor Nervold Antonsen (NO), Sébastien Berthier (FR) & Malin Pettersson Öberg (SE) & Shirin Sabahi (IR), Mani Ghodratnama (IR), Helen Hughes (IE), Riikka Kuoppala (FI), Anne Guro Larsmon (NO), Joanna Lombard (SE), Jumana Manna (PAL), Wasma Mansour (SA), Shahar Marcus (IL).

As last year the exhibition catalogue will be an online version that is accessed from the Spring Exhibition website:

For additional information
Helle Westergård, Exhibition Coordinator
Charlottenborg Fonden
T. +45 3311 11 91

Maria LaBelle, Coordinator
Kunsthal Charlottenborg
T. +45 3336 9047


The Repetition Festival Show
Clemens von Wedemeyer
5 March - 25 April

Kunsthal Charlottenborg is proud to present the first major exhibition in the Scandinavian region for the German artist Clemens von Wedemeyer. The celebrated young artist’s work is characterised by its exploration of the rituals of cinema and documentary, and by its use of looping narratives and dizzying repetition. The exhibition takes the shape of a four-part film festival, digging increasingly deeper back into the artist’s career. Every three weeks a new installation will open at Charlottenborg, including a key film work by the artist, as well as extra material – such as complementary videos and photographs. Four free posters – one for each main film – will accompany the exhibition. Please note that exhibition tickets will remain valid for repeat visits.

The Repetition Festival Show was originally curated by Tessa Giblin for Project Arts Centre, Dublin, and will travel to Fondazione Galleria Civica, Trento, in May 2011. The exhibition is accompanied by a book that is the first in a series of monographic publications produced alongside the exhibitions in Charlottenborg’s North Galleries. The exhibition is supported by the Goethe-Institut, Munich.

Programme 1 (05.03 - 27.03)
Against Death/The Fourth Wall
In Against Death (2009) a man has seemingly become immortal after joining a tribal ritual. The film is part of von Wedemeyer’s project The Fourth Wall (2009), an exploration of the myth of the Tasaday people – an apparently undiscovered tribe in the Philippine rainforest which came to international attention in the 1970s. At Charlottenborg Against Death is presented together with a large selection of material from The Fourth Wall. (Please note that the film is not suitable for young children).

Programme 2 (29.03 - 17.04)
From the Opposite Side
From the Opposite Side (Von Gegenüber) (2007) follows a day passing in a train station in a small German town from a subjective camera eye. The film starts where it ends, and its looping nature leads the viewer to question its apparently documentary elements. From the Opposite Side was shot on location around an old cinema near Münster Central Station, and was shown in the latter cinema as part of Skulptur Projekte Münster in 2007.

Programme 3 (19.04 - 08.05)
Through a seemingly endless series of check-points and queues, Otjesd (2005) explores the rituals of migration as a looping circuit, in particular through its evocation of the border rituals of former Soviet states (as re-staged outside Berlin). The film is shown with a companion documentary, The Making of Otjesd.

Programme 4 (10.05 - 22.05)
Made with a large group of extras on a field in Leipzig, Occupation (2002) stages the ‘practicalities’ of location filming, including the methods whereby a film crew attempts to gain control of a crowd. The film is shown alongside its counterpart, The Making of Occupation.

Exhibition events

Clemens von Wedemeyer in conversation
10.04.2011, 14.00, Salon, 60/40 kr. (includes exhibitions)
This afternoon’s event is a discussion between Clemens von Wedemeyer and Kim Skotte, the longtime film editor of the Danish newspaper Politiken. The conversation will cover the works in von Wedemeyer’s exhibition, as well as more general topics relating to the nature and history of cinema. (In English).

Tine Fischer in conversation
04.05.2011, 19.00, Salon, admission free.
The annual film festival Copenhagen DOX explores a wide range of films which engage with the documentary format, including films emerging from an art world context. This evening’s event is a discussion between Tine Fischer, director of DOX, and Mark Sladen, director of Charlottenborg, on the relations between documentary and art film. (In English).


Research Programme
Sarah Pierce
5 March - 8 May

The spring season sees the first block of Charlottenborg’s new Research Programme. For each block a researcher – it might be an artist or curator or someone with a more hybrid profile – is invited to be in residence in Copenhagen, staying in the Kunsthal’s guest apartment and making use of other facilities in the city and the house. Each season will feature a display in the Antechamber, as well as a number of events, all initiated by the researcher.
The first block of the Research Programme has been created by the Dublin-based artist Sarah Pierce, who has developed a series of projects inspired by the seminal anthropological film Chronique d’un été (Chronicle of a Summer, 1961) by Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin. Pierce’s programme features a multi-part display in the Antechamber, together with a special Film Club held in the Mezzanine, and explores how Rouch and Morin’s work echoes through time and space and finds correspondences in the present day.

The display in the Antechamber (5 March – 8 May) contains two film works and a collection of archival material. The films are the aforementioned Chronique d’un été and a work by Pierce entitled The question would be the answer to the question, ‘Are you happy?’ (2009 – ongoing). To make the latter the artist worked closely with students from Copenhagen University, asking them to watch Rouch and Morin’s cinema verité classic and filming their reactions. Pierce has made previous iterations of this work with students in Paris and Bilbao, and the conversations always focus on the relevance of past political paradigms to the present moment.
The Antechamber also features a display of material from Charlottenborg’s archive from around 1961 – the year in which Chronique d’un été was first shown. Pierce, working with the Kunsthal’s archivist, Ingvild Hansen, and the art historian Jens Tang Kristensen, has gathered together a collection of idiosyncratic letters, informal correspondence and other printed matter. Taken together the archive creates its own reflections on the dreams and realities of the utopian moment from which Rouch and Morin’s work emerged.

Film club
Sarah Pierce
06.04.2011, 19.00, Mezzanine, admission free.
For the first Film Club Sarah Pierce introduces and screens parts of her ongoing film project The question would be the answer to the question, ‘Are you happy?’, together with Rouch and Morin’s Chronique d’un été, while touching upon the latter’s important impact on contemporary art and visual research. (English language or subtitles)

Yael Davids
13.04.2011, 19.00, Mezzanine, admission free.
The Israeli artist Yael Davids presents her video project The hand is quicker than the eye (2009), made with inmates of the Mechelen City Prison in Belgium and which shows them being taught magic tricks. The evening also features a screening of Robert Bresson’s prison masterpiece, Pickpocket (1959). (English language or subtitles)

Declan Clarke
20.04.2011, 19.00, Mezzanine, admission free.
Intrigued by the nostalgic legacy of revolutionaries, Irish artist Declan Clarke screens and presents his short film Cologne Overnight (2010) – which focuses on the current obsolescence of idealism – together with Alexander Kluge’s Abschied von Gestern (Yesterday Girl), (1966). (English language or subtitles)

John Akomfrah
27.04.2011, 19.00, Mezzanine, admission free.
The Ghanese-British artist John Akomfrah introduces and screens his piece The Mothership Connection (1995), alongside Jean-Luc Godard’s La chinoise (1967). Akomfrah was a founding member of the Black Audio Film Collective, which produced some of the most challenging and experimental documentaries in Britain in the 1980s. (English language or subtitles)


Palace Party
5 March, 11-21

The spring season 2011 at Kunsthal Charlottenborg launches with a grand Palace Party, admission to which is free. This all-day spectacle brings together a range of Danish and international artists and musicians – plus many other collaborators – in an exciting range of performances, concerts and temporary interventions. The party throws open the doors of the Kunsthal, while playing with the colourful history of the palace complex in which it is situated.

The day includes events around the Kunsthal, as well as in The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts and Danmarks Kunstbibliotek (The Danish Art Library) and other spaces in the Charlottenborg buildings. Palace Party features both all-day events and oneoff performances, creating a changing display that can only be experienced in real time. Visitors are invited to go on a treasure hunt around the chateau, from the attic of the Kunsthal to the Library’s reading room, and including spaces not usually open to the public such as the unique Kuppelsal (a baroque state room). The participants are activating the palace complex in a wide variety of ways – re-inhabiting, squatting, changing, blessing and bewitching it – thus re-energising the Kunsthal’s role as an artists’ house.

The day opens with a parade of twelve tractors that will proceed from Rådhuspladsen to Charlottenborg, followed by a tractor concert played in the palace’s courtyard. Other events include an ongoing performance by ten troubadours in the Kunsthal’s famous apartment, young dancers from the Ballet School performing on the house’s main staircase, and a mobile music office that will parade around the exhibition halls from dusk till dawn. Finally, a dramatic spectacle in the Art Academy’s auditorium will close the Palace Party – a grand ball featuring a thirty-person crew and a giant CatBus.

Palace Party has been initiated by Charlottenborg’s curator, Rhea Dall. Palace Party is supported by The Danish Arts Council (Committees for Visual Arts and International Visual Arts), The Danish Arts Foundation (Comissioned Works) and British Council. Timed events

11.00 – 12.00
Tractor Parade from Rådhuspladsen to Charlottenborg

Sven-Åke Johansson
12.00, Concert, Kunsthal (courtyard)
At the start of the day a parade of twelve tractors will progress from Rådhuspladsen to Charlottenborg. Thereafter the artist and composer Sven-Åke Johansson (SE/DE) will conduct his renowned Concert for Twelve Tractors (1996) in the Kunsthal’s courtyard, turning the anachronistic, rural tractors into urban instruments. Staged in collaboration with the Danish Tractor Museum, Eskilstrup.

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen
14.00, Kunsthal (staircase)
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (PH/DK) has developed a rich catalogue of performance pieces that can be both musical and revolting. For Palace Party the artist has worked with young students from Charlottenborg’s neighboring Ballet School, who will perform a piece staged around the central staircase of the Kunsthal while wearing white cocoon costumes. Staged in collaboration with the Royal Danish Theatre and Ballet School.

Karl Holmqvist
16.00, Kunsthal (upper foyer)
Karl Holmqvist (SE/DE) has created a special installation for the Kunsthal’s foyers, an emblem which echoes the house’s main staircase. To inaugurate the installation, the artist – who is renowned for his spoken word performances – will give a reading to draw out the symbolism of the piece. The emblem will also feature in printed matter that the artist will make in collaboration with students from the Art Academy, and that will be distributed throughout the building. (In English).

Nina Beier
18.00, Kunsthal (upper foyer)
Nina Beier (DK) often blurs the boundary between form and content, as in her new commission for Charlottenborg, in which she literally blurs the old exhibition posters of the house. The artist explores this same schism in a work that she is staging for Palace Party, and which is entitled The Complete Works (2011). For this piece she has asked the former ballet dancer, Adam Lüders, to repeat from memory all the choreographies ever learned.

Simon Fujiwara*
19.00, Danmarks Kunstbibliotek (study hall)
The works of Simon Fujiwara (JP/UK) are a disconcerting fusion of biography and myth, fact and fiction. Set in the Library’s historic study hall, the artist will present The Personal Effects of Theo Grünberg (2010), which was sparked by his discovery of a mysterious, personal library. (In English).

Spartacus Chetwynd*
20.00, Kunstakademiet (auditorium)
The performances of Spartacus Chetwynd (UK) are generated with an ensemble of fellow artists and friends that somehow resemble a punk, eclectic, and improvised cult. Fittingly staged in the Art Academy’s grand auditorium – originally built for court opera – A Tax Heaven Run by Women (2010) closes the Palace Party with a thirty-person performance centred on a spectacular ‘CatBus’. Staged in collaboration with IMO and Line Ellegaard.

*Please note that these events have limited audience capacity, and that admission is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Ongoing events

Cezary Bodzianowksi
11.00 – 21.00, Kunsthal (attic)
Cezary Bodzianowski (PO) is renowned for his art of simple yet striking gestures and ephemeral interventions. The artist recently visited Copenhagen to create a new sitespecific performance video, and his interest settled on the obsolete artist studios in the dark Kunsthal attic – where he stages an act of absurd artistic laziness.

George Brecht
11.00 – 21.00, Kunsthal (foyers)
The work of Fluxus artist and composer George Brecht (USA/DE, 1926 – 2008) includes the seminal ‘event scores’ that continue to resonate with art practice today. For Palace Party his piece String Quartet (1962) will be re-enacted in the entrance foyer, where visitors will be met with a welcoming handshake.

Prinz Gholam
12.00 – 20.00, Kunstakademiet (kuppelsal)
The slow-pace performances of artist duo Prinz Gholam (DE/LB) draw on poses derived from Western art history. For Palace Party they are making an all-day marathon appearance, mirroring the courtly surroundings of the Kuppelsal, a baroque stateroom created for the original castle.

Ragnar Kjartansson
12.00 – 20.00, Kunsthal (guest apartment)
Ragnar Kjartansson (IS) creates staged situations that are both intimate and awkward. For Palace Party he presents a new work which consists of an ongoing performance by ten men with acoustic guitars, and which involves the troubadours drinking, smoking and strumming in Charlottenborg’s infamous apartment. Music composed by Kjartan Sveinsson.

Carl Krull
11.00 – 21.00, Kunsthal (salon)
Carl Krull (DK) is a consummate draughtsman whose often morbid and immoral pen reveals mythic monsters and sensual maids making out. For Palace Party the artist will stage a drawing marathon, taking the courtly symbols and ornaments of the palace as its starting point.

yoyooyoy with the Sons of God, Rasmus Graff & Claus Haxholm
11.00 – 21.00, Kunsthall (galleries)
The Danish music collective yoyooyoy (Andreas Führer, Johannes Lund, Anders Lauge Meldgaard, and Toke Tietze Mortensen), fellow artist-musicians The Sons of God (Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred, both SE) and Claus Haxholm (DK), as well as poet Rasmus Graff (DK), will set out on a ‘mobile music office’ that will make acoustic interventions within the exhibition halls across the course of the day. Foyer Commissions

Two of the artists participating in Palace Party have made new installations for Charlottenborg’s foyers – works that will remain up throughout 2011. Karl Holmqvist has made a special emblem for the upper foyer. Meanwhile, the Danish artist Nina Beier has created an installation employing the framed posters that have up till now been displayed in the Café – an installation which reflects the spirit of ‘re-use’ that is informing the current changes in the building.

Image: Spartacus Chetwynd, "A Tax Haven Run by Women," 2010. Commissioned by Frieze Projects. Image courtesy of Sadie Coles HQ, London. Photo by Polly Braden.

Opening: Saturday 5 March 2011 (palace Party) from 11am to 9pm

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