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Bethan Huws
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Bethan Huws
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Bethan Huws

Centre international d'art et du paysage, Ile de Vassiviere

The exhibition 'Black and White Animals' presents a broad overview of her work in all the spaces of the Art Center and also in the sculptures's wood. Huws's works, in their obvious and first appearance of fun, are the fruit of a long reflection both on her own practice and the work of other artists in the history of modern art. The day of the opening, the artist creates a performance with around 30 black and white animals, giving to the visitors the vision of a real 'tableau vivant'.

comunicato stampa

curator Chiara Parisi

performance the whole day Opening the 12 march 2011 at 4pm

Bethan Huws has been presenting work in many different forms (film, sculpture, installation, watercolor…) in some of the most prestigious institutions and contemporary art venues around the world, including the Kunsthalle Bern in 1990, the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf in 2003, the Tate Modern in 2004, the Museum Serralves Porto in 2009. Until 18 march, her work is also on view at the Whitechapel Gallery in London.

The exhibition Black and White Animals, Bethan Huws’s first monographic exhibition in France, presents a broad overview of her work in all the spaces of the Art Center and also in the sculptures’s wood. The welsh artist interweaves her various inspirations from her childhood memories in Wales to her experience on the Plateau des Millevaches.

The day of the opening, the artist creates a performance with around thirty black and white animals, giving to the visitors the vision of a real «tableau vivant».

Bethan Huws’s works, in their obvious and first appearance of fun, are the fruit of a long reflection both on her own practice and the work of other artists in the history of modern art, especially this one of Marcel Duchamp.

> The exhibition Black and White Animals is realized in partnership with Mademoiselle Bio, Pro Natura, the Syndicat mixte « Le Lac de Vassivière » and with the support of Haute-Besse farm. The exhibition is a part of the project ARTools – european network for artistic education – financed with the support from the European Commission/Culture program.

> The program from the 11 march to 18 september 2011

11 and 12 march > Workshop ARTools
12 march at 16h > Opening and performance of Black and White Animals by Bethan Huws
13 march at 3pm > Ping Pang Pong by Philippe Gronon with Anne Beyaert-Geslin
14 march > Workshop Aldo Rossi's displacements by Paola Yacoub
17 march at 4pm > Koo Jeong-A’s talk about OTRO at the Ecole du Louvre
9 and 10 may > Training course Reading the Landscape 3/3
10 may at 9pm > Projection of Coffee and cigarettes by Jim Jarmusch at the Cinéma Jean Gabin in Eymoutiers
22 may > Symposium by Gilles Clément about The environmental charter of Vassivière
27 may > Opening of Stage archive by Rosa Barba at the Fondazione Galleria Civica-Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneità in Trento and at the Mart in Trento/Rovereto
2 july at 6pm > Opening of What went down by Thomas Houseago
2 july > Opening of Heimatlied by Michael Sailstorfer at the Café de l’île and launching of La Documentation de Robinson
17 and 18 september > week-end 20 years> Opening of SubTiziano by Alexandre Ponomarev & OTRO by Koo Jeong-A & Artists’ residencies by Berger & Berger and BuildingBuilding


>> Paola Yacoub. Aldo Rossi’s displacements
14 march 2011

For the Centre international d’art et du paysage, Paola Yacoub invites the public to experience the thinking and work of the renown Italian architect Aldo Rossi in the unique architecture that he created in France for Vassivière island.
Based on books and drawings by the postmodern architect but also on the various items he has made, especially for Alessi, Paola Yacoub proposes to explore the formal existing continuities between the work of the architect and the work of the designer. Playing with the existing correlations between the two worlds, being aware of scale and functions changes deriving from it, transposing architectures and objects, will be the aims of this workshop with Paola Yacoub in Vassivière.

> in the framework of PREAC "Art and landscape".

Café de l’île / Café de l’île


>> Ping Pang Pong The artist speaks, the institution invites the public to dialogue
Usually presented on Sunday's afternoon, the Ping Pang Pong program proposes a series of meetings with art's key figures: the artists.
For two hours, international artists answer to the questions of the public, explaining their work through the presentation of images, sounds, videos or performances. A meeting is organized each month by the Centre international d'art et du paysage de l'île de Vassivière.

After Mircea Cantor, Marie Denis, Olivier Bardin, Franck Scurti, Santiago Reyes, Didier Courbot, Davide Bertocchi, Barthélémy Toguo, Shahryar Nashat, Fabien Verschaere, Yann Sérandour, Eric Madeleine, Samon Takahashi, Christelle Familiari, Vincent Lamouroux, Shen Yuan, Michael Herrman, Davide Balula, Paola Yacoub-Michel Lasserre, John Lalor, Jorge Peris, Jakob Gautel, Cesare Pietroiusti, Hans-Walter Müller, Pierre Ardouvin, Federico Nicolao, Pierre Malphettes, Claire Fontaine, Jeanne Susplugas, Michael Fliri, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil, Damien Odoul, Alex Cecchetti , Philippe Terrier-Hermann, Jean-Baptiste Decavèle and Love Difference, Camille Henrot, Serge Spitzer, Wilfrid Almendra, Thierry Fontaine, Chrystèle Lerisse, Renata Poljak and Neil Beloufa:

Philippe Gronon with Anne Beyaert-Geslin
13 march 2011 at 3pm
Café de l’île

Following the series of lectures, by Anne Beyaert-Geslin, professor of semiotics at the Faculty of Letters and Humanities at the University of Limoges, the Art Centre has decided to extend this approach of art through the study of signs by organizing Ping Pang Pong as a meeting-conversation between Anne Beyaert-Geslin and a guest artist.

These dialogues with the semiotician Anne Beyaert-Geslin around an artwork important to the artist should create connections between semiotics and art while allowing visitors to understand the work and universe of the guest artist.

The first meeting will be with the artist Philippe Gronon who photographs in a frontal way objects which are,
for most of them, surfaces of communication or registration, 
containers, objects interfaces that are used to transmit a
didactical knowledge (stock quotes, charts, blackboards, 
desks of libraries) or used to reveal and 
reproduce images (radiographs frames, photographic development bowls, lithographic stones).

> More information: www.philippegronon.com

>> Koo Jeong-A at the Ecole du Louvre
17 march at 4pm

On the invitation of Caroline Cros, Koo Jeong-A, m/m, Federico Nicolao and Chiara Parisi will present the draft of the skatable artwork OTRO designed by the artist on Vassivière island.
This audacious artwork whose the idea was born following the solo exhibition Oussseux that Koo Jeong-A had presented in 2007 at the Art Center.

> More information: www.ecoledulouvre.fr

>> Gilles Clément. Environmental charter of Vassivière. To drike the lake water
22 may 2011

The Art Center invites Gilles Clément, horticultural engineer, landscape architect, an entomologist, writer, gardener, to present a lecture on an important project that the architect has designed at the request of the Syndicat mixte « Le Lac de Vassivière » in 2003: the environmental charter for the territory of Vassivière.
The debate between pro and cons of the charter application will be at the heart of the whole day with the presence of the author of «Tiers-Paysage».

> More information: www.gillesclement.com


>> Coffee and cigarettes by Jim Jarmusch
In the manner of Flaubert, who dreamed of writing a book that would tell nothing, Jim Jarmusch realizes Coffee and cigarettes, a series of short films in black and white which talk about nothing special and whose the unique link consists in cups of coffee and cigarettes.
Around a table, improbable dialogues are exchanged between the actors who play their own part, placed in sets of waves, accompanied by a unique soundtrack. A strange atmosphere reigns and everyone talks to fill the time between a cigarette and a sip of coffee.
Nobody really knows what he does but it seems that all this does not matter. The film is devoid of plot and the camera in a corner captures moments that are very similar to improvisation.

> 10 may at 9pm at the Cinéma Jean Gabin, Eymoutiers, Coffee and cigarettes will be presented by Guillaume Coudray, productor, in collaboration with the Friends of the Centre international d'art et du paysage, in the framework of the exhibition Black and White Animals by Bethan Huws.


>>Workshop ARTools
11 and 12 march 2011

The Centre international d'art et du paysage in partnership with Bergamo's GAMeC in Italy, Malmö Konsthall in Sweden and Budapest's Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle in Hungary develops the ARTools project: a European network for art education.

This project, centred on the cultural and social role that contemporary art plays as a tool to open oneself to the world and as a tool to understand changes in society.

Each partner structure develops it's own educational programme within ARTools. Furthermore, a series of workshop between the four partners' educators are organised to share experiences and strengthen the network. The first meeting was held last November in Budapest and the Centre international d'art et du paysage is proud to welcome the second meeting on the 11 and 12 march.

During this meeting we will present several educative projects: one with Rob Pruitt's piece "101 art ideas you can do yourself" as well a video by Piero Golia and the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles or workshop by Paola Yacoub and another one in partnership between a medical institue disabled children with a selection of artworks of the Limousin's art lending library.

This workshop is opened to the educators from other institutions (seats are limited).

>> Reading the Landscape 3/3
9 and 10 may 2011

The Resources pole for Art and Cultural Education « Art and landscape » part of Limoges Academy including Centre international d’art et du paysage on Vassivière island as structure of reference for mission to educate and train public to identify issues around the high close relationship between art and landscape. For many years, it purpose an annual training course.

Paul-Armand Gette, major french artist questioning the relationship between art, science and landscape will participate with Augustie Berque, geographer and orientalist, director of studies at the Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Michael Jakob, Doctor in litterature, teacher in theory and history of landscape at the High School of the landscape in Geneva and the Ecole Polytechnique of Lausanne and Anne-Gaëlle Burban, cultural engineer.

Even if the priority placement is reserved for art teachers, the course is open to the public if the limited places are available.

> in the framework of the PREAC « Art and landscape »
> More information: www.paularmandgette.com / http://preac.crdp-limousin.fr

>> Audio-guides Ipods
The art center offers audio-guides ipods to discover the sculptures’s wood, the island and its landscape, the emblematic architecture of the art center but also the exhibitions (past and ongoing) with presentations of the artist’s works by curators, writers, critics, art historians, philosophers, artist's friends. These interventions of people close to the artists make it possible to the visitors to come into their universe and to apprehend their creations. These interventions are not some guided visits transposed but rather some testimonys or thoughts on work of the artists.

All the guest personalities approach works and topics referring to their respective fields, thus giving another way of approaching the exhibitions, the Art Center with François Bauchet, Xavier Fabre, Kengo Kuma and Raymond Poulidor by Xavier de La Porte, Vassivière island and its wood of sculptures with Gilles Clément, Caroline Cros, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Philippe Rahm.

The audio-guides like iPods realized for the Bethan Huws’s solo exhibition allow to discover the interventions by Ariane Beyn, Penelope Curtis, Julia Friedrich and Julian Heynen.

>> Audiokid
Mediation can be considered like a process by which a sensory or visual experience is transformed into an intellectual data: name what one sees, what one feels.
To make it possible for the young public to experiment the exhibitions of the art center in an unusual way, the Educational service propose this project of audioguide. The aim of this ipod is to propose to the children a different visit of the exhibition of an alive artist, soliciting their own visions of the artworks. The children are completely involved in the making of this mediation tool: it seems to be the best way of being the most relevant towards the children’s waitings and interrogations caused by both exhibitions and artworks.

For the Bethan Huws’s exhibition, an audiokid conceived especially by and for a younger audience will address Bethan Huws' unique relationship with language.

> Available to the bookshop

Publishing work at Centre international d'art et du paysage includes catalogues, artists books and multiples or multimedia supports, poster and postcarts reporting on artist's work at Ile de Vassivière.

Attention is paid to publish a book on occasion of each exhibition. Several artist's books have already been published: Contour ouvert by Laura Erber, Jour après jour et un autre jour by Nico Dockx, Aglaia Konrad and Mark Luyten, 1000 PLATEAUX by Claude Lévêque, Strictly confidential based on Marc and Josée Gensollen's collection, Panthéon by Huang Yong Ping, MY PRIVATE escaped from Italy, attebasile by Victor Man, Etc. Balkis Island by Yona Friedman and Jean-Baptiste Decavèle, Oussseux by Koo Jeong-A and I can’t see by Oscar Tuazon.

A sight collaboration was created between the Centre international d'art et du paysage, the Silvana Editoriale/Milan and Les Presses du réel. The goal is to published a collection of catalogues related exhibitions given at art direction by Paola Manfrin.

>> Gilles Clément. The environmental charter of Vassivière. To drike the lake water
Written in 2003, following the command of the Syndicat "le Lac de Vassivière", The environmental charter of Vassivière. To drike the lake water is published for the first time to make public a study designed for those involved in the Limousin region but also more broadly - like Gilles Clement’s practice - a book of ecological tourism, political and societal reflections as which can make us able to hear again and understand the links between people and nature.
The environmental charter offers a new vision of landscape, a place of resistance against the all-industrial development or tourism and develops concepts which have the advantage of being applicable in both rural and urban areas with very different scales, local, territorial, regional, national ..., "a mental territory of hope."
> 150 pages, co-edition Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière / Sens & Tonka
19,50 euro

>> Hubert Duprat. massive centrale
massive centrale is the monography of two Hubert Duprat’s solo exhibitions presented at the Centre international d'art et du paysage de l'île de Vassivière in 2008 and at the Frac Languedoc-Roussillon in 2009.
Fabien Faure, Patrick Javault, Simone Menegoi and Jeff Rian have written texts enlighting Hubert Duprat’s work and exploring the different question of the artist’s work through their own field of expertise.
> 120 pages, co-edition Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière / Silvana Editoriale
25 euro

>> Rosa Barba
This first monography of Rosa Barba features her three solo exhibitions realized at the Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière in 2010, at the Fondazione Galleria Civica-Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneità in Trento and at the Mart in Trento/Rovereto in 2011.
The curators Chiara Parisi and Andrea Viliani have commended the realisation of this book at the publishing house Hatje Cantz and have asked the contributions of prestigious writers as Lynne Cooke, Elisabeth Lebovici, Francesco Manacorda, Malasauskas Raimundas, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez and Ian White. Some several film-stills, drawings by the artist and documentation are also integrated in this monography.
> 288 pages, edition Hatje Cantz
Co-product by carlier | gebauer gallery / Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière / Fondazione Galerie Civica-Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneità di Trento / Gio Marconi / MART-Museo d'Arte moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto
35 euro

>> Koo Jeong-A. Oussseux
This book is the fruit of an exceptionnal collaboration between the artist Koo Jeong-A and the graphists m/m. In the same time work of art, book of artist and catalog of exhibition, this unclassable object is surprising of beauty and perfection.
This book shows the whole set of the tree hundred drawings of the artist presented in the Ciap, displaying of the universe of Koo Jeong-A accompanied with original creations by Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak.
> 628 pages, co-edition Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière/Silvana Editoriale, Milan
100 euro

>> Walks
Walks ipod, where artists and other creators are invited to draw up particular paths for the visitors, allow one to discover the most hidden aspects of the Island and the area, between fiction and reality. They are scheduled in rapport with the Centre's program of events, and keep in mind the role of Vassivière Island as a place for walks. The public can touch, listen to and move through the landscape as interpreted by Laura Erber, Marco Boggio Sella, Nico Dockx/Building Transmission, Hubert Duprat, Jean-Baptiste Decavèle/Nicolas Gerber and Rosa Barba.

In the framework of her exhibition, Bethan Huws also creates a promenade for the visitors to stroll on the island while listening to the sounds of the animals recorded during the opening performance Black and White Animals.

>> Bookshop Saturday meetings
As in Limousin has always been an original source of inspiration for the world of the book, the literature established on the territory is diversified and full of surprises.
One saturday a month, the bookshop of the Centre international d’art et du paysage proposes a meeting with an important actor of the regional edition.

> 2 vives voix éditions
19 march at 3pm

This independent corrézienne publishing house was created by Didier Jean and Zad, author-illustrators for more than 15 years, publishes books illustrated for children, teenagers and adults. Through the publication of singular books which deal with rare subjects in the world of the edition with sensibility and poetry, this publishing house wishes to take the readers outside traditional ways.

> More information: www.2vivesvoix.com


To work with sources, with submerged deposits, with the surprises which are often revealed by a work of art: this could be the purpose of the blog of an art center like the Centre international d’art et du paysage de l'île de Vassivière. To give a voice, to suddenly give a space to works, be they texts, conversations, lectures, videos, art objects, paintings, installations, or even films… works which have disappeared from the archives of the artists who have worked with the Center, and which now reappear despite themselves. To recover the voice of texts and essays, traces which, from the past, signal to us with the same energy as from the future. The theme of a return, the theme of abandon, the theme of contradiction, the theme of destiny.

For the website of the Art Center, a blog of artworks – not persons – which, in spite of its authors, silently elaborates a more profound relation with time.
In homage to the plurality of cultures and traditions, the le Centre international d’art et du paysage has chosen to present all of the texts in their original versions.

With the interventions of Federico Nicolao, Nico Dockx, Helena Sidiropoulos & William Davenport and Claire Fontaine.

> More information: www.ciapiledevassiviere.com/en/blog.aspx

The Centre international d'art et du paysage is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication/Drac Limousin, the Limousin Regional Council and is supported by the Syndicat mixte Le Lac de Vassivière.

The Centre international d'art et du paysage is member of 5.25, network of contemporary art in Limousin and of d.c.a./association française de développement des centres d'art.

Image: Bethan Huws, Black & White Animals, 2009. Colour print on Photorag 308gms 100 x 126 cm (images 80 x 106 cm). Courtesy Yvon Lambert

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>> Press office
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