Klybeckstrasse 1b
Art Entertainment & Desire
dal 12/6/2011 al 18/6/2011
5pm - 10pm
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Art Entertainment & Desire

Keck-Kiosk, Basel

Independent Artspace festival. The presentation focuses on independent initiatives and attempts to fill this blind spot in the fabric of the major art fairs. Every day the Keck Kiosk will be hosted by different important Swiss Artspaces and international initiatives. Site-specific projects at various locations in Basel accompany the festival.

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ARTACHMENT - under new curatorial direction - starts this year with a festival.
ART ENTERTAINMENT & DESIRE is located between the prestigious art fairs, from the 13th- 19th of June at Keck-Kiosk, a project room on the grounds of the Kaserne Basel.
The presentation focuses on Independent Artspaces and initiatives and attempts to fill this blind spot in the fabric of the major art fairs.

Every day between 17h and 22h, the Keck Kiosk will be hosted by different Artspaces.

The list of hosts features important Swiss Artspaces:
- Lokal-Int, Bienne
- Marks Blond Project, Bern
- White Space, Zurich
- Curtat Tunnel, Lausanne

As well as international initiatives and projects:
- das weisse haus, Vienna (AT);
- Galerie im Regierungsviertel / Fortgotten Bar Project, Berlin (D)
- RA, select store and platform for fashion and arts, Antwerpen (BE)
- Salon Liz (FL / D)

each of them will be showing their individually curated project at the Kiosk.

Site-specific projects at various locations in Basel accompany the festival:

The Austrian artist and writer Fabian Faltin documents daily the events on the art market in his Art-Talk Show „Kunst, Markt und Manieren“ (Art, Market and Manners).
In the Artachment itself the Installation / Light & Sound Work “White Out / Glisz” by the artist group Re: Fwd is exhibited. At the opening on Monday 13 June the performance group Beuys Toys & Mudisten (Basel) leads the audience with their public parade "Tour d'Art" through different off-spaces in Basel.
Another venue of the festival is in the nearby Agora-Bar. Klaus Auderer & Robert Gfader arranged drawing duels with a broad variety of artists as part of their long-term project “Chessdrawings“.
After dusk the night program of the festival begins with a selection of concerts and auditory performances.
Though the program is highly varied, ART ENTERTAINMENT & DESIRE is built around a common core: a passionate play with the relationships of the art and the art market that directly aims at interaction with the audience. Through this and its diverse network of local and international, divergent places and activities, ART & ENTERTAINMENT DESIRE is a hub for exchanging ideas and a breeding ground for new projects.

Invited Artspaces / Projects & the Artists
Das Weisse Haus (Vienna) presents:
‐ Christian Falsnaes (*1980, lives in Kopenhagen/Wien)
‐ Soren Berner (*1977 lives in Europa)
‐ Wendelin Pressl (*1971, lives in Wien)
‐ Stella Geppert (*1967, lives in Berlin)

Galerie im Regierungsviertel / Forgotten Bar Project (Berlin) presents:
Leftover video-related artworks from GALERIE IM REGIERUNGSVIERTEL’s inventory – with:
Nevin Aladag(*1972, lives in Berlin), Judith Albrecht (lives in Berlin) Tjorg Douglas Beer (*1973, Lübeck), Tobias Bernstrup (*1970, Gothenburg), Marc Bijl (*1970, Leerdam NL) Anna-Catharina Gebbers / Christoph Schlingensief, Harun Farocki (*1944), Rainer Ganahl, (*1961, lives in New York) Christian Jankowski (*1968, lives in Hamburg / New York), Christoph Keller (*1967, lives in Berlin), April Elisabeth Lamm, (lives in Berlin), Annika Larsson (*1972, lives in New York), Sara Lunden (*1970, lives in Stockholm), Klaus Mettig (*1950, Düsseldorf), Aron Moulton (lives in Berlin), Daniel Pflumm (*1968, lives in Berlin), Markus Selg (*1974, lives in Berlin), Katharina Sieverding (*1944, lives in Berlin), Orson Sieverding, Pola Sieverding, Franz Stauffenberg, Joep van Liefland, Rubin van Kooyk, Aida Ruilova, Yorgos Sapountzis, Lars Monrad-Vaage, Roth- Stauffenberg

White Space (Zurich) presents:
‐ Alessandro Firgerio (lebt in Zurich)
‐ Navid Tschopp (*1978, lives in Zürich)

Marks Blond Project (Berne) presents:
Bury the Jumbo (artist Collective)

Lokal-Int (Biel-Bienne) presents:
‐ Chri Frautschi (*1969 lives in Biel)
- Gibs-Mir Family (Veronika Spierenburg (*1981 lives in Zurich), Urs August (*1980 lives in Zurich) Marcel Reimer (*1988, lives in Zurich/Canada)

RA (Antwerpen) presents:
‐ Anna Kushnerova (* lives in Antwerpen)
‐ Romain Brau (*1983, lives in Antwerpen)
‐ Elise Gettliffe (*1981, Châtenay-Malabry)

Salon Liz (CH/FL) presents:
‐ Sandro Nardi (*1986, lives in Schaan / Zurich)
‐ More Eats (FL)

Curtat Tunnel (Lausanne) presents:
- Tom Johnson (*1939)

Artachment is a platform for artists and curatorial projects operating from a small exhibition space at the port of Basel. From June 2011 Sarah Bernauer takes responsibility for the curatorial direction in collaboration with Andrea Giger & Oliver Dolder.

Concept/Organisation: Sarah Bernauer, Artistic Director ARTACHMENT
Team: Oliver Dolder, Andrea Giger, Mirjam Spoolder
Bar: Caroline Rouine
Graphic: Dominik Denzler
Special Thanks to: Raphael Bottazzini, Clare Kenny, Garrett Nelson, Klaus Auderer, Manfred Herrmann, Theres Wernli, Martin Josephy & Dani Jansen

For latest updates, media information and photos of the Independent Artspace festival please visit

Klybeckstrasse 1b 4057 Basel
Tram Nr. 8. Station Kaserne
Every day 17h and 22h

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