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Again and again
dal 15/6/2011 al 26/8/2011
wed - sat : 2am-7pm

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Again and again

castillo/corrales, Paris

A group show, curated by Anthony Huberman, that display works by Elodie Balme, Katinka Bock, Nina Childress, Louis Ck, Amy Granat, Tibor Hajas, Zoe Leonard, Oscar Tuazon.

comunicato stampa

Curated by Anthony Huberman

Artists: Elodie Balme, Katinka Bock, Nina Childress, Louis Ck, Amy Granat, Tibor Hajas, Zoe Leonard, Oscar Tuazon

Who's going to run this town tonight? Oh, I know, we are. Yeah, I said it, we are. This is Castillo, so pledge your allegiance and get your fatigues on. Here, it's all black everything: black cards, blacks cars, all black everything. All of our girls are blackbirds, riding with their Dillingers. This is La Familia, so I'll explain later. For now, let me get back to this paper because I'm a couple of bands down, and I'm trying to get back. I gave the other grip and lost a flip for five stacks. I'm talking five comma six zeros, dot zeros. Back to running circles round... and now we're squared up. Hold up. You can call me Caesar, in a dark Csar. Please follow the leader, so Eric B. we are. Microphone fiend, it's the return of the God, peace God. Umm, there isn't anybody fresher. I'm in Maison, umm, Martin Margiela. I'm on the table screaming: fuck the other side, they're jealous! We have a banquet full of broads and they have a table full of fellows! And they're not spending any cake. They should throw their hand in, because they have no spades. My whole team has dough, so my bank is looking like millionaire's row.
I think it's fair to assume that we'll just keep doing this again and again and again.

Opening: thursday June 16th, at 6 pm and until 10.

80, rue Julien Lacroix, Paris
Opening hours: wed - sat : 2am-7pm
Admission Free

Hannah Ducan
dal 7/11/2013 al 10/1/2014

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