Paradise Row Pop-up-space
Eiskellerberg 1 - Gegenuber der Kunstakademie
+49 172 213 88 89
Group Show
dal 8/9/2011 al 8/12/2011

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Felix Ringel

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Group Show

Paradise Row Pop-up-space, Dusseldorf

Works by: Shezad Dawood, Tom Gidley, Margarita Gluzberg, Barry Reigate, Peter Schyuff, Marianna Uutinen, Douglas White

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The show is themed around each of these artists' expansive and elliptical engagement with both the idea and actuality of Modernist forms. The artists draw on disparate sources of inspiration, from the aesthetics of the abandoned and discarded, to the transcendental wisdom encoded in sacred geometry, to the confluence of desire and rationality that form the structures of modern consumer environments - generating works that, to varying degrees, nuance, complicate and, in places, playfully subvert, the more restrictive aspects of Modernist thought and culture. (Image by Marianna Uutinen)

Group Show
dal 8/9/2011 al 8/12/2011

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