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Rebecca Warren
dal 9/10/2011 al 19/11/2011
Wed-Sun 11am-6pm and by appointment

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Rebecca Warren

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Rebecca Warren

Maureen Paley, London

Come Helga, This Is No Place For Us II. New work by the sculptor

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Come Helga, This Is No Place For Us II. New work by the sculptor. Rebecca Warren positions herself within the lineage of a sculptural tradition. She re-works and intentionally misappropriates existing images by the accepted masters of figurative sculpture, including Degas, Picasso and Rodin, as well as drawing on more contemporary artists such as R. Crumb and Helmut Newton. Warren pays homage to her heroes while gently questioning their authority. Warren's unfired clay sculptures project a sense of unleashed creativity, appearing to explode out of and merge back into the amorphous properties of the material. Private view: Monday 10 October 6.30 - 8.30 pm.

Liam Gillick
dal 11/10/2015 al 21/11/2015

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