Chateau de Versailles
Place d'Armes
+33 01 30837800
Bernar Venet
dal 31/5/2011 al 31/10/2011

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Patricia Gangloff

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Bernar Venet

Chateau de Versailles, Versailles

The artist invests the gardens of the Chateau

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At Versailles, Bernar Venet invests the gardens of the Chateau, a classical space that is highly geometric and governed by the rules of perspective. The artist is fully aware of the symbolic significance of the site and approaches it with a desire to underscore its formal lines, capture its coherence, and cast a new light on these spaces, while occasionally positioning himself in opposition to its precisely delimited layout. He does so by installing, for instance, a collapsed arc that resembles a wreck - not lacking in form, yet deliberately anti-formal - between the Bassin d'Apollon and the Grand Canal, enthroned at the core of the architectural gem par excellence that is Versailles. Curated by Bernard Marcade'.

Anish Kapoor
dal 7/6/2015 al 31/10/2015

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