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Vienna Art Week 2011
dal 13/11/2011 al 19/11/2011
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Vienna Art Week 2011

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Reflecting Reality. For the seventh time international museum directors, curators, critics and artists meet with personalities from the Viennese art scene in order to exchange views on current trends in the arts and art discourse. The exhibition Reflecting Reality - The Reality Models of Art focuses on site-specific installations that are located at the intersection between institution and public space and form various models of reality. Tuesday 15h the opening of the 21er Haus will be celebrated with artistic interventions by Markus Geiger, Florian Hecker and Sasha Pirker, who stage the spatial structure and the history of the house.

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Under the umbrella theme Reflecting Reality the VIENNA ART WEEK 2011 – initiated by the DOROTHEUM and conceived by the Art Cluster Vienna – extends its format through interdisciplinary communication strategies concerned with the exchange of art and science, and focuses on Vienna’s world reputation as city of psychoanalysis. From November 14 to 20, 2011, for the seventh time international museum directors, curators, critics and artists meet with personalities from the Viennese art scene in order to exchange views on current trends in the arts and art discourse.

“Through its intensive concentration on the program and thanks to the enormous commitment of all its participants, the VIENNA ART WEEK successfully sets lasting impulses and standards for Vienna as international metropolis of art. We can already draw this interim conclusion on the occasion of our seventh edition following the enthusiastic feedback from international collectors, curators, art critics, artists and the increasing number of visiting art lovers,” as Robert Punkenhofer, the Artistic Director of VIENNA ART WEEK, and Martin Böhm, President of Art Cluster Vienna, are delighted to say. In 2011, Viennese art institutions, fairs and galleries as well as numerous off-scene program partners of the Art Cluster Vienna surprise with an exciting program. The spectrum ranges from special guided tours of special exhibitions via the Gallery Weekend, panel discussions, lectures and extensive artists’ talks, exhibition openings, installations, interventions and performances through to selected events in private enterprises that promote contemporary art. This year for the first time ever, four Viennese design offices open their gates for the VIENNA ART WEEK 2011. The federal studios of the Austrian Ministry for Culture and the Arts (BMUKK) participate for the second time and the meanwhile legendary Studio Visits and many other highlights invite with an inspiring and creative ambience to network and to exchange for a whole week.

In the contributions of Reflecting Reality, the view is directed behind the backdrops of the psychological dynamics of art production and collectors’ passion. The idea of psychoanalysis has experienced an amazing upswing in art in recent years. In the field of tension between cutting-edge individual, psychic and social issues in art, new aesthetic practices have developed with regard to Sigmund Freud’s classical psychoanalysis and his writings on art and culture. The psycho-dynamics that art releases are among its most fascinating qualities: not only does art reflect reality, but it also provides material to deal with the requirements of modern life. Individuality and social relations, the private sphere and public life, the transience of everyday life and the striving for stability, closeness and distance as well as performance and relaxation constitute poles of psychic happening. Art subjects the current upheaval of political systems, the development of parallel worlds and the growth in “psycho-political” argumentation spaces to reflection and analysis.



Reflecting Reality – The Reality Models of Art, the exhibition curated by Ursula Maria Probst, freelance curator, and Robert Punkenhofer, Artistic Director of the VIENNA ART WEEK, (November, 15 – November, 20, 2011), focuses on site-specific installations that are located at the intersection between institution and public space and form various models of reality. The perception, the sensing and the questioning of reality as reflexive experience are essential components and important impulses of art production. New research findings in neuro-science reveal striking connections between the brain’s functioning and the construction of the world in models. Not only perception, but also our assessment of reality takes place through modeling. We do not see and experience the world as it is, but we construct it on the basis of models. Today, scientific and artistic knowledge acquisition are involved in an animated exchange. The aesthetic and thematic ranges of artistic access to reality are now exemplified in media- and genre-crossing methods and in strategies to employ extraordinary materials and psychic principles of organization. On show are installations by Roger Hiorns, Iwajla Klinke, Manu Luksch, Joseph Kosuth, Edgar Honetschläger, Elisabeth von Samsonow. The opening takes place on Monday, November 14, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. in the Sigmund Freud Museum, Berggasse 19, 1090 Vienna. www.viennaartweek.at


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Press conference Monday, November 14, 2011, 10:00 a.m.
Dorotheum, Dorotheergasse 17, 1010 Vienna

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