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Vulnerable BodyM
dal 7/2/2012 al 11/2/2012
12am - 10pm, sun 12 feb 11am - 7pm
+31 6 14271105
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ToonZaal Foundation

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Vulnerable BodyM

ToonZaal, Rotterdam

Charley Case, Dirk Hendrix, Ronald Bal. Three male visual artists who use the human body as core subject in their work

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ToonZaal Foundation will present the exhibition 'Breekbaar LichaamM' (Vulnerable BodyM). The show hosts Charley Case (BE), Dirk Hendrix (BE) and Ronald Bal (NL), three male visual artists, who use the human body as core subject in their work. Central themes in their work are dualism, existentialism, the relationship between man and nature and between man and its city environment. The project will be an interesting search for the base of our existence, for spirituality and for the role of our body in this digital era. During the Rotterdam Gallery Tour, organized by ToonZaal on Saturday 11 February 2012 there is a special evening programme that starts with a performance by Ronald Bal a.o. h 8.30 p.m. This exhibition is made possible by Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam. Opening wednesday 8 February 16-22 with a performance of Dirk Hendrikx at 4.30 p.m.

Vulnerable BodyM
dal 7/2/2012 al 11/2/2012

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