Payne Shurvell
16 Hewett Street
Daniel Rapley
dal 26/1/2012 al 2/3/2012
Wed-Sat 11-18 and by appointment
02 000 114115

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Daniel Rapley

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Daniel Rapley

Payne Shurvell, London

Covenant. Solo show: the meaning of artistic labour

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Covenant. Daniel Rapley has transcribed the Bible by hand for his new work Sic. 66 books, 1,189 Chapters, 31,102 Verses and 783,137 words. In total that's 3,116,480 letters. Along with Sic, his new work for his show at PayneShurvell explores the meaning of artistic labour. Rapley questions the structures of authorship, creativity and productivity. But perhaps most importantly Sic is a private, performative action that requires the faith and belief of the viewer. It is a covenant.

Margaret Harrison
dal 15/5/2013 al 19/7/2013

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