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Words and Dreams
dal 16/3/2012 al 20/4/2012

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Words and Dreams

Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris

What are the significant of words? What are meaning of dreams? Throughout the evolution of our world how writing, reading, or perceptions of dreams and memories have changed ? On display installations by Fred Eerdekens, Kris Trappeniers and Mathias Schmied.

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When technology and its binary language have become ubiquitous in our lives what will happen to writing ? What are the significant of words ? What are meaning of dreams ? Throughout the evolution of our world how writing, reading, or perceptions of dreams and memories have changed ?

Fred Eerdekens creates works in which words and dreams seem to meet. His sculpture and installations form in to message on the wall in a set of shadows. He has given birth to these ghostly images without the real presence which draws only the shade of letters, like a dream in memory. The word is emerging as if by magic which unable to determine its origin without the viewer. Language is no longer presented physically but it takes the look and curiosity.

In the work of Mathias Schmied, the words are real as they are cut from plastic paper or painted on a canvas. Here, it is not the word that interests the artist but his graphical approaches. The work is constructed around linking and untying, but yet, word is repeated. The word “Never” or “Kiss” structure the work line after line and stir up your curiosity during the reading. The shape of the word is completely free from its meaning ? Can the graphics be free from any interpretation ? The work is inherently meaningless. The reading of the work is then determined by the meaning which we give to it. Mathias Schmied shakes the established codes and plays with the form as “empty the substance of narration.” Then one begins to dream about the meaning of word by its personal interpretation.

Thought out the work of Kris Trappeniers, the word becomes a line and a source of inspiration. More than just a word, poetry plays the importance in his work. Thus words and dreams joint together and combine. Kris Trappeniers chooses the well-known figure of Rimbaud to whom he gives its shape and fine black line. The light and flexible drawing of his stencil is a continuous line that forms like the line of writing. It looks like the Chinese calligraphy, this writing that able us to free our mind by its precision and figurative strength.

Image: Fred Eerdeckens

Opening cocktail saturday 17 March, 2012 from 6PM to 9PM

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