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Upon paper
dal 30/3/2012 al 29/4/2012
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Upon paper

Upon Paper space, Berlin

Magazine, group show, web. Launch

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March 2012 will see the launch of UPON PAPER in Berlin, a new, innovative platform creating a dialogue with artists of all kinds, as well as photographers, designers, architects, and anyone interested in art. The unifying theme is a passion for paper as a timeless medium for capturing ideas, dreams and visions and instigating debate. UPON PAPER consists of three complementary strands: UPON PAPER magazine is the place where paper becomes the stage for art. The exceptional quality of the magazine's design and production make it a sensual objet de desir. It will be published twice a year in a bilingual German and English edition with a print run of 5,000. The theme of the first issue is Los Angeles, with the theme of UPON PAPER 2 in Autumn 2012 being color. UPON PAPER space: The exhibition, Planet L.A., takes the theme of the publication and restages it spatially. The exhibiting artists are: Bob Mizer, Jack Pierson, James Reeve, John Severson, Mirko Martin, Peter Emch, Ralf Ziervogel, Rinus Van de Velde, Robert McNally, Dries Van Noten and Veronika Kellndorfer. UPON PAPER web: The continuously updated website, www.uponpaper.com, will create a forum for the global creative community through its exclusive editorial content and social networking elements. The creative deployment of its technical possibilities opens the way for genuine dialogue.

Upon Paper magazine #03
dal 24/5/2013 al 24/5/2013

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