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Happiness and other survival techniques
dal 3/4/2012 al 12/4/2012
Daily 10am - 5.45pm

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Happiness and other survival techniques

Design Museum, London

An exhibition by Colors magazine

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Colors will present three-issue series, "Colors Magazine: the Survival Guides" at the Design Museum in London. The series features #81-Transport and #82-Shit, and will introduce our newest issue, #83-Happiness, to the world for the first time.During these two weeks, visitors may meet a peasant robot from China, learn to survive the next fuel crisis, lock themselves in a latrine and discover the medicinal uses of human poo. In the spirit of DIY survival, we'll show a selection of handmade machines, vehicles and survival tools collected from the rest of the world. And since depression is set to become the world's greatest health burden by 2030, well, we'll also explain how to survive sadness.

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