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Patricia Fernandez
dal 7/6/2012 al 6/7/2012
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Patricia Fernandez

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Patricia Fernandez

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A Record of Succession. Her paintings consist of a collection of re-purposed fabrics and dyed linens with sewn buttons: artifacts of a personal history.

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ltd los angeles is pleased to present Patricia Fernándezʼs paintings and objects from A Record of Succession. Fernándezʼs paintings consist of a collection of re-purposed fabrics and dyed linens with sewn buttons. Alongside the paintings, a grouping of wooden boxes is exhibited as artifacts of a personal history. The hand carved x pattern found in the sculptures and the paintings are from her grandfathers past, recalling a domestic space that holds a narrative and simultaneously communicates an antecedentʼs marks.

Informing this collection are an oral history, written documents, and a series of correspondences between individuals that spans two years. Her grandmother had kept five buttons since her childhood, each one fallen from a different piece of clothing, from different years in her life. Her collection began after reusing the buttons on several occasions and finally finding it impossible to mend the clothing. After inheriting this small collection, the artist continued to collect buttons that are markers of personal histories. Fernández began a correspondence with five women—friends and family of different generations—and translated their individual histories into this collection of button paintings. The paintings are the attempt to make the invisible memory into a tangible record through the exercise of remembering.

The buttons are a record of an exchange; they became the medium through which these stories were passed between them. Traded, gifted, or inherited, this arrangement of buttons comprises a visual chronicle of a translated history of human subjects whose lives interacted and often collided. Through this installation of paintings, Fernández continues the transmission of memories and ideals of these individuals that have become part of her familial mythology.

The installation at the gallery is part of a larger grouping of works from A Record of Succession that can also be seen in Made in LA at the Hammer Museum.

Image: From the Collection of Asun: yours are mine/yours and mine, 2012. Sewn buttons, dyed linen, embroidered fabric and pencil, 14 x 11 inches

Opening reception: Friday, 8 June 2012, 7-9pm

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