Galerie Opdahl
Lindenstrasse 35
+49 (0)30 25938931
dal 21/6/2012 al 27/7/2012
tue-sat 11-18

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Valeria Schulte-Fischedick

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Galerie Opdahl, Berlin

A group exhibition

sintesi del comunicato stampa

"The summer exhibition brings together works that all permit of a sensual and corporal reception which transports the viewer into a particularly intensive observational state. Their bold coloration (Melanie Gugelmann, Andreas Plum), haptic form (Vera Kox) and uniform rotary motion (Florian Neufeldt) draw the viewer in, providing a sort of enticement and rapture. But the works don't employ Op-Art effects, nor can they be called overpowering and certainly not psychedelic, even if Chosil Kil's objects, which expand the medium of painting, seem to point in this direction. Dag Erik Elgin's conceptual painting foregrounds delightful self-absorption and haptic experience just as much as the video by Bettina Buck, which presents a Beckettian, seemingly absurd and aimless activity that evokes a similar mesmerizing effect".

dal 21/6/2012 al 27/7/2012

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