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CELEIA - Center for Contemporary Arts, Celje

Water - Suppositions and Urbanism. His work takes the form of light and sound installations, video projections, 'in-situ' pieces and experiments, in which he refers to historical events, scientific research and paranormal phenomena.

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Likovni salon Gallery - Centre for Contemporary Arts Curated by Maja Hodošček HR-Stamenov is presenting the project Water, Suppositions and Urbanism, conceived specifically for the Likovni salon Gallery. The project was developed during his residency in Celje as part of the AIR CELEIA programme led by the Centre for Contemporary Arts. The art practice of HR-Stamenov is defined by the exploration of public spaces as well as quantum-mechanical and optical phenomena. His work takes the form of light and sound installations, video projections, ‘in-situ’ pieces and experiments, in which he refers to historical events, scientific research and paranormal phenomena. His work also includes book projects, such as the free of charge publication Practices in Public Environment that functions as an educational tool for mapping and contextualizing contemporary art practices operating in the public sphere. The publication was conceived together with artist Bora Petkova. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including Die Kunst der Intervention, Galerie im Ratskeller, Berlin (2012), Why Duchamp?, Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Arts Sofia (2012), and has presented his work in solo exhibitions, such as PRESENCE, Studio Tommaseo, Trieste (2011). Many of his projects are produced in public spaces, sometimes he works together with other artists, one of his most recent projects was The Nightmare of Prometheus, Pallazo Thea, Acqui Terme (2011), where he collaborated with artist Alzek Misheff. He is the recipient of the Young European Artist Trieste Contemporanea Award for 2011. As part of his residency in Celje, he participated in this year’s thirteenth ADMISSION FREE festival with his projection The Phenomenon of W24°58’59,43” N42°07’55,29”. The piece, which deals with the possibility of teleportation in the case of a vanished train, does not only refer to scientific research and paranormal phenomena. It also reminds of the period when the art of film began to develop, which held a characteristic fascination with the train motif (Lumière brothers L'Arrivée d'un Train, 1986, Phantom Ride: Menai Straits, 1904, Walter Ford: The Ghost Train, 1941, etc…).

In the exhibition Images of Reality: Between Story and Fact. From the Permanent Collection of the Centre of Contemporary Arts he produced the Space 0 Space project. At the opening, he created a simulation of a storm inside Likovni salon Gallery. The author continually presents the project in different spaces as an intervention within architectural structures that differ in meaning and content. In creating the project, Water, Suppositions and Urbanism, the artist focused on the urban plan of the city of Celje. He pinpointed his research on the analysis of those problematic urban solutions that reveal the irresponsible behaviour towards the natural environment, the depletion of natural resources and construction of buildings that are not in harmony with nature. Even though the project stems from the local context, it discusses global trends, which all too often make the construction and design of public spaces subject to the profitable mindset. Lowering costs and creating financial profit can be seen in the construction or renovation of urban spaces in the form of rapid and ongoing improvement works, undertaken by an ignorant approach to the issues of environmental protection, health and safety, functionality of solutions and their aesthetic placement in public spaces. The artist designates the irresponsible urban solutions as independent monuments that reflect the political, economic and social appearance of the space in which they are located. Where does the current state of the system – oriented to the unconditional achievement of progress and accumulation of capital, also in the decisions that have a significant impact on our environment and quality of life – lead? One possible way to answer the question is offered by HR-Stamenov with his multichannel video installation Water, Suppositions and Urbanism installed in Likovni salon Gallery.

Opening of the exhibition on Thursday 13 September at 8 pm.

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