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Hayv Kahraman / Arwa Abouon
dal 23/10/2012 al 28/11/2012
sat- thu 10am - 7pm

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Farah Kaysi


Hayv Kahraman
Arwa Abouon

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Hayv Kahraman / Arwa Abouon

The Third Line, Dubai

Extimacy: six panels depicting women / Learning by heart: a photographic series

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Extimacy. New work that tackles the complex relationships between gender and identity constructs; geopolitical and physiological boundaries; and, the perception of self vis-a-vis the demands of conformity within society. Six panels depicting women extracting a cross sectional slice of their own bodies encompass the gallery space. Expanding on her previous series, Kahraman's depictions of these women personify a hybrid identity hinting to the affinity of dismembered bodies with fragmented geographical locations. This somewhat crude act of detaching a limb is also reminiscent of a violent uprooting and is revealed materialistically in the work. Arwa Abouon, with a new body of work that explores the artist's own private journey in matters of spirituality, personal dynamics and human nature's quest towards understanding faith. This photographic series draws from the artist's personal experiences. (Image: Hayv Kahraman, Disembodied 2, 2012, Oil on panel with rawhide inlay and polycarbonate, 244 x 117cm)

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