Frutta (vecchia sede)
via della Vetrina, 9
06 68210988
dal 4/11/2012 al 16/11/2012
mer-sab 13-19

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Frutta (vecchia sede), Roma

Ultima di una sequenza di mostreche hanno coinvolto 4 curatori. Il progetto espositivo presenta installazioni, testi e interventi di Alex Cecchetti, Mikko Kuorinki, Nicolas Matranga, David Bernstein...

comunicato stampa

curated by Valentinas Kilmasauskas

We've scrambled to the last ditch and now we're ready to present Thinging - an exhibition curated by Valentinas Kilmasauskas.

Featuring works, texts and interventions by David Bernstein, Amit Charan, Alex Cecchetti, Frank Heath, Tim Kliukoit, Laura Kaminskaitė, Mikko Kuorinki, Karl Larsson, Nicolas Matranga, Darius Mikšys, Jurgis Paškevičius and Triin Tamm.

We Will Disappear You, curated by Adam Carr has disappeared, Ilaria Gianni's museum office has now closed., Neurath’s Boat, curated by Frances Loeffler has set sail. Now we're ready for the final instalment of The Way Things Go, a sequential exhibition, involving four curators: Adam Carr, Ilaria Gianni, Frances Loeffler and Valentinas Kilmasauskas.

Starting from a fixed point, a domino effect will be created. Each subsequent show, the different curators, will progress from the end point of the previous exhibition. Each will pursue their own agendas, deliver to the viewer a new perspective and idea through the exhibition, whilst continually leaving traces of what came before.

You came to me and said let's make a chair. Then you realized the chair could be cheers. And with cheers we have a glass, and we need a place to put the glass so we need a table. But it's perfect too, because chairs are often with tables. So here we are, Cheers and Tables. What a great misunderstanding! Cheers to Miss Understanding! Ah, but the miss is standing under too. She's standing under the table. Cheers to the miss standing under the table! But how can a miss stand under a table, the table is too low for a miss, unless the miss is very tiny or it's a very big table, but this is just a normal table, it has legs, legs Like the miss. But what if this is not a real miss but a representation of the miss? She could be made of stone, like a caryatid. A what? A caryatid; a column in the shape of a woman. Karate? Yes she's doing karate! Cheers to the miss standing under the table doing karate! But what now? What could it become? Is it an illustrative conversation? It is more than just an illustration. What is it for you, this cheers? It is at once a potential object and at the same time a story. And for you?

(a concept and an excerpt from the text by David Bernstein, Jurgis Paškevičius)

Opening 5 november 19

Via della Vetrina, 9 - 00186 Roma
Gallery open Wednesday to Saturday 1 – 7 pm and by appointment
Admission free

Gabriele De Santis
dal 9/3/2014 al 25/4/2014

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