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August Sander
dal 22/11/2012 al 17/1/2013
tue-fri 2-7pm

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Feroz Galerie


August Sander

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August Sander

Feroz Galerie, Bonn

Around Bonn. On display vintage prints of landscape and nature in and around the town

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The exhibition highlighting his landscape photographie. On display will be vintage prints of landscape and nature in and around Bonn. "On a warm spring morning I packed my seven belongings and hiked through the Nachtigallental. Upon reaching the midpoint of my journey I climbed up a slope, turned and discovered that I was standing on the Wolkenburg. Here I was greeted by a panorama of unbelievable beauty. The tranquility of nature was infused with the gentle rush of the Rhein flowing below. The impressions that morning were magical, indeed almost indescribable. Regardless of where I stood or looked I was greeted by another spellbinding picture." (August Sander, Excerpt from the inroduction to Rhein and the Seven Mountains. Image: August Sander im Siebengebirge, 1940. Gelatin Silver Print - posthumous print by Gerd Sander 23 x 17.2 cm)). Vernissage 23 november 6-9pm.

Larry Fink
dal 14/1/2015 al 26/3/2015

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