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Ana Busto
dal 29/6/2003 al 8/7/2003
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Ana Busto

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Ana Busto

WhiteBox Art Center, New York

Butterfly Swimmer 2002 is part of a larger project on disabled athletes Ana Busto has been working on since the Fall of 2001.

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White Box presents Butterfly Swimmer 2002 by Ana Busto. A photograph of monumental proportions Butterfly Swimmer 2002 is part of a larger project on disabled athletes she has been working on since the Fall of 2001. Busto met these athletes in Spain and Argentina's national and world swimming championships, and in two of New York's non-profit training clubs, Cranks and Achilles. These athletes fight great odds to find strength in themselves and the competitions they enter are an arena to prove their physical performance, however they also provide a more abstract measure of the athletes strength of character.

To look at Jesus' Collado'sbody makes us wonder; What happened to him? How did he decide to become a swimmer? How can he be a champion? An un-whole body confronts us with the experience of hard survival, a survival on the edge of our community and dark side of our physique. We associate disability with taboo with physical discomfort and our bodies' fragility. Despite our associations, Paralympic athletes prove they are able to overcome our prejudices by surpassing us in effort, focus, determination, and commitment which makes us reverse our image of them.

Jesus Collado is a Spanish Paralympic gold medal swimmer who competed in the last Olympic games in Sydney. Jesus looks straight at us. He looks proud and strong. When he competes in the Olympic pools he is dominated by his will to win, to be perfect in his stroke, and to break a new record. Jesus has achieved every athletes dream to get a gold medal in the Olympic games. For Jesus, the only difference between him and an ordinary Olympic athlete is the 2 or 3 seconds more it takes him to reach the finish line.

"My intention in placing images in public is to bring the image into our daily visual landscape and make their presence common. I foresee a group of disabled people who, with the aid of artifice, will become cyborgs-models of physical and mental strength and we'll look at them as role models. "
A. Busto

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