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Space Odyssey 2.0
dal 15/2/2013 al 18/5/2013

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Space Odyssey 2.0

Arts centre Z33, Hasselt

The exhibition presents new stories and collaborative DIY practices where science and fiction meet. With works by: Panamarenko, Semiconductor, Roman Signer, Michael Burton, Vincent Fournier, Andy Gracie...

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Can moon geese really fly to the moon? Will we be sending mutated fruit flies to Titan in the near future? Can we create new life by launching our body waste into space? What if we design and build our own space ship?

Space has always been an infinite source of fascination and inspiration for artists, scientists and film makers, especially now space travel is rising to new highs. In light of the current space race, Space Odyssey 2.0 presents new stories and collaborative DIY practices where science and fiction meet.

With: Nelly Ben Hayoun (FR/UK), Michael Burton (UK), Edith Dekyndt (BE), Frederik De Wilde (BE), Vincent Fournier (FR), Andy Gracie (UK/ES), Brian McCutcheon (VS), Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE), Panamarenko (BE), Semiconductor (UK), Roman Signer (CH), Filip Van Dingenen (BE), Angelo Vermeulen (BE)

Curator: Ils Huygens (Z33)

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Tim Toubac +32(0)11 295966

OPENING Saturday 16.02.2013 – 7:30pm
7:30pm: welcome by Igor Philtjens (deputy of culture of the Province of Limburg),
introduction by Jan Boelen (artistic director of Z33)
8pm-10pm: visit exhibitions + reception
10pm: spacy dj-sets by Micha Volders & Tim Geelen
all night: telescopic star-gazing in with Cosmodrome
+ Finissage All the Knives (Any printed story on request) with presentation of the All the Knives card game

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