Old School
New York
233 Mott Street

Spring/Break Art Show
dal 4/3/2013 al 9/3/2013
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Spring/Break Art Show

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Spring/Break Art Show

Old School, New York

Featuring the projects of over 20 curators, the show will abandon the traditional focus on galleries, offering a "break" from the typical art fair model, and showcase a range of New York City's curatorial voices, all surrounding a single exhibition theme: New Mysticism.

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Welcome to SPRING/BREAK Art Show, the new curator-driven art fair during the Armory Arts Week. The 2nd Annual fair will inhabit Old School, a four-story schoolhouse located in NoLIta from March 5th – March 10th, 2013.

Featuring the projects of over 20 curators, the show will abandon the traditional focus on galleries – offering a “break” from the typical art fair model – and showcase a range of New York City’s curatorial voices, all surrounding a single exhibition theme - New Mysticism.

Utilizing over 20 classrooms, hallways, and unique areas in one of the city’s oldest schoolhouses, new art works will be on display, arranged by curators representing the more recent creative contributions of the Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Gowanus, and Bushwick. New Mysticism, the fair’s 2013 curatorial theme as described by Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly, the co-founders of The They Co. and SPRING/BREAK Art Show, ‘examines how digital semiotics, the Internet, and technology at large, along with the old relics of 20th century visual culture together all provoke a new formal intuition within the aesthetic incantations of formal expression today – often more human than our advancements would have us know.’

Gabriela Alva, Marco Antonini, Marc Azoulay, Ted Barrow, Elizabeth Clark, Angela Conant, Kyle DeWoody, Aaron Levi Garvey, Andrew Gori, Ambre Kelly, Natalie Kovacs, Simon Lee, Patrick Meagher, Adam Mignanelli, John Morrow, Aurora Pellizzi, Natalia Porter, Amanda Schmitt, Cecelia Stucker, Maureen Sullivan, Eve Sussman, Helen Toomer, Tom Weinrich.

Lita Albuquerque, Yorgo Alexopoulos, Aaron Anderson, Jeremy Blake, Z Behl, Sarah Bereza, Mary Blakemore, BOYFRIENDGIRLFRIEND, Zain Burgess, Eric Carlson, Etienne Chambaud, Jennifer Chan, Marco A. Castro, Marcos Castro, Julia Chiang, Andreis Costa, Grayson Cox, Meredith Cunningham, Jennifer Dayton, Myla Dalbesio, Peter Dudek, Fall On Your Sword, David Alexander Flinn, Ted Gahl, Rachel Garrard, Dylan Gauthier, Beka Goedde, Noah Gershman, Melissa Godoy-Nieto, Anthony Graves, Michael Joaquin Grey, Nathan Gwynne, Matthew Hassell, Kerry Hassler, Sarah Hindsgaul, Howard Raimund Hurst, Adam Ianniello, Joe Jagos, Rachel de Joode, JR, Ambre Kelly, Cheon pyo Lee, Antoine Lefebvre, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Michelle Levy, Annabel Linquist, Lumarca, Avery McCarthy, Mollie McKinley, Patrick Meagher, Andrea Merkx, Matt Mignanelli, Lobel Modern, Jane Moseley, Rachel Ostrow, Grear Paterson, Aurora Pellizzi, Carla Herrera-Prats, Luigi Presicce, Printed Matter, Garrett Pruter, Ed Purver, Brian Randolph, Rachel Rossin, Jack + Leigh Ruby, Francesco Simeti, Tom Smith, Kendra Sullivan, Russell Tyler, Grace Villamil, Chuck Webster, John Whitlock and Jamie Zigelbaum.

Press Conference + Preview Tuesday, March 5, 2013 | 2pm
Opening Tuesday, March 5, 2013 | 6pm - 10pm
By Invitation Only. RSVP to press@springbreakartshow.com

Closing Reception with Paddle8 Sunday, March 10, 2013 | 6pm - 9pm

Old School
233 Mott Street New York, NY 10012
Opening Hours:
Thursday, March 7 – Sunday, March 10
12 pm – 9 pm
Admission Fee: $5 at door or Suggested Donation with VIP Pass.

Spring/Break Art Show
dal 3/3/2014 al 8/3/2014

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