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Possibly About To Come
dal 24/3/2013 al 24/3/2013
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Possibly About To Come

Ludwig Museum, Budapest

A 90-minute exhibition between visual silence and rehearsing revolution. A presentation lecture by Lene ter Haar, within the frame of ACAX's new curatorial residency programme.

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with Stefano Calligaro, Gabriella Csoszó, Máté Galambos, György Galántai, Sarah Günther, Barbara Kapusta (Saprophyte), Miklós Mécs, Csaba Nemes, Dávid Karas, Anna Kisspál, Anna Lénárd, Little Warsaw, Kamen Stoyanov, Beatrix Szörényi, Ágnes Eperjesi and Société Réaliste from the Kívül tágas / Outer Space project

This investigative presentation, based on a two-month research period conducted in Budapest and the surrounding cities of Cluj, Vienna, Prague and Bratislava, reflects on the artistic field and social realms encountered here. From the outsider perspective of a curator-in-residence thrown into a scene where contemporary iconoclasts and heavily symbolic politics prevail in public debate and affect the cultural field beyond imagination, this visual lecture aims to discover and name territories of actively negotiated public spaces. It is these, if any, that could make a difference.

The presentation lecture focuses on two questions, the first being: how outstanding examples of artistic practices could constitute public space? Besides an overview of contemporary practices derived from a diversity of artist meetings and talks conducted in the past two months, the idea of the Ready-Made performance attracts attention in this context. This lately often-applied artistic tool connects art with reality and vice-versa, simultaneously stirring up existing hierarchies between the artist-author and the audience.

As a second aspect the presentation will turn to a more historical perspective by thematizing artistic strategies before 1989 and now. Could methods and mental moods of artists working outside public institutions during the Kádár-regime be of relevance to deal with the possibly about-to-come situation of 'autonomous' art in Hungary? A selection of examples will provide a brief insight into this topic.

Combining outcomes of both approaches in a final statement, the ambition of Possibly About To Come is to point to possibilities of occupying new territory by formulating an answer to the question of the current position of art itself: how could artists encourage people, cultural producers and, last but not least, themselves to perceive, re-occupy or even create public spaces as their own stages for active citizenship?

The project is a result of a collaboration between the Mondriaan Fund and ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange.


Lene ter Haar curator
+36308713416, +31628312307
ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange | Office: Jurányi Production Community Incubator House | H-1027 Budapest, Jurányi utca 1-3. | T: +36 1 794 6488

Image: Protest boards in Csaba Nemes’s kitchen, 2013

Date: 25th March 2013 (Monday), 6 pm

Ludwig Museum Library
1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1. 2nd floor
The lecture will be held in English.
Free entrance

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