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Revolutions Per Minute
dal 25/3/2013 al 25/4/2013
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Matt Hames

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Revolutions Per Minute

Colgate University, New York

The first-ever survey exhibition of Chinese sound art inside or outside of China. Installations, performances, and workshops by 30 artists

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The first-ever survey show of Chinese sound art inside or outside of China. It will feature sound installations, audio-visual works, and live performances by emerging and internationally renowned Chinese sound artists. The exhibition will be installed throughout buildings and facilities on Colgate University's campus and within the village of Hamilton. Among the 30 Chinese sound artists represented will be Wang Changcun, Xu Cheng (a member of the renowned Shanghai noise group Torturing Nurse), Yan Jun, and Samson Young. Key works will include: Klone Concerts by Wang Changcun, a tribute to and parody of Keith Jarrett's The Koln Concert; Social Media Soundscape by Dajuin Yao, an interactive installation that allows the audience to play with a new sound-based social media platform currently popular in China; Twice Cooked Pork by Weng Wei, an interactive audio mixer that morphs Chinese word pronunciations; and I am thinking in a room, different from the one you are hearing in now by Samson Young, an homage to the American sound art pioneer Alvin Lucier. Tuesday, March 26, 6:00 pm--Opening remarks by Dajuin YAO with Reception Little Hall.

Computational Design and Fabrication
dal 23/4/2015 al 24/4/2015

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