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Three artists
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Three artists

Bendixen contemporary art, Copenhagen

Stretching Mind and Space. New paintings by Kaspar Bonnen (DK), Austin Eddy (USA) and Devin Troy Strother (USA).

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Bendixen contemporary art proudly announces the exhibition “Stretching Mind and Space”, showing new paintings by Kaspar Bonnén (DK), Austin Eddy (USA) and Devin Troy Strother (USA).

Kaspar Bonnén, (b.1968), educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark, lives and works in Copenhagen. Kaspar Bonnén works with the idea of space in various ways, - with the diversity of space, its changeability, and the ability of the human being to be in many different mental spaces at the same time. In his artistic process he uses his own history this way but places it in a number of general considerations and reflections on life’s continuous changes.

Bonnén’s works are e.g. represented at the National Gallery of Denmark, Aarhus Kunstmuseum (AROS), Aarhus, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishoej, Denmark, Essel Museum, Klosterneuburg, Austria, as well as in many private and public collections. Latest solo-exhibitions (selected); Everything Changes, Aarhus Kunstmuseum (ARoS), Aarhus, Denmark, The Script, Show Me, Damp Gallery (project-space), Copenhagen, Denmark and Galleri Christina Wilson, Copenhagen, Denmark. The New York artist, Austin Eddy (b.1986) is educated at the School of Art Institute of Chicago, BFA in painting.

We quote MoMa PS1, (studio visit), “ What makes a good painting?” Eddy: This question is at the forefront of my exploration and experimentation. Through the tools of abstraction and other historical painting languages, I break down qualitative aspects of painting and question the validity of “seriousness”. I find answers to this question by making paintings through play. From my singular and personal experience, I deconstruct and synthesize information and styles, creating a hybridized personal painting vernacular. This hybrid is free from the pressure of art history’s clutch on painting and permits picking and choosing.

This process produces representational pictures that convey emotions and energies of situations and individuals. The results are images of unexpected situations and narratives. The paintings function most successfully when they extend beyond just a hodgepodge of samples and create a more harmonious and transformative visual experience. In 2012 Austin Eddy also showed at galleries in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Oakland, , San Diego, and in 2013 e.g. in Puerto Rico as well as at Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen(DK).

Devin Troy Strother, (b. 1986), West Covina, CA, lives and works in Los Angeles and New York. A statement from the solo show Strother made at Bendixen Contemporary Art in May 2012; “I have no interest in exploring themes of slavery, civil rights movement, and anything that has to deal with the black struggle. My paintings focus on more current themes, that I feel haven't been fully explored by other black artists. I'm enthused by exploring how African American culture, has become representative of American culture, mainly through the entertainment industry. I feel that I'm part of a generation of young black artists that wants to be recognized, as an "artist" and not a "black artist" dealing with black struggles. Influenced by i.e. Trenton Doyle Hancock, I want to separate myself from popular "heavy black themes". I would say that I'm exploring "post black" themes, that deal with my own personal experiences of being born in 1986 and coming of age in the 2000s” Strother had his two latest solo shows (2012) at Bendixen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark and at Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Devin Troy Strother’s work is represented in many important private collections.

Opening reception: Friday 5 April, 5-7 pm

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Devin Troy Strother
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