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The Splendour of Textiles
dal 8/3/2013 al 18/5/2013
tuesday - sunday 12-8 pm

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Olga Gawerska

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The Splendour of Textiles

Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw

Works which use classic textile techniques and contemporary works in which is present a "thinking" in terms of weave or pattern

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The exhibition presents artistic textiles in the wider context of contemporary art and focuses the attention of viewers on a field of creative work that in recent decades has lain outside the principal zones of interest of leading exhibition institutions. Both the splendor of the title, associated with brilliance, richness and power, and the presentation in a national gallery of art have the goal of returning textiles to their rightful place in the orbits of contemporary art. At the exhibition are interwoven both works which use classic textile techniques and those that make use of fabrics, as well as contemporary works which are not textiles but in which is present a "thinking" in terms of weave or pattern, a visible interest on the part of artists for the materiality of fabrics or other features typical of textiles. The presentation puts a strong emphasis on a recognition and respect for the value and artistic quality of individual objects, for the manual capabilities of artists, and for the diversity of their techniques and methods of work. Another very important aspect is to attempt to inscribe textiles in the so-called new craft movements, which are very clearly marking their presence in contemporary art. Curators Michal Jachula and Katarzyna Kolodziej.

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