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Irene Kar
dal 16/9/2003 al 12/10/2003
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Salzburger Kunstverein, Kunstlerhaus


Irene Kar

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Irene Kar

Salzburger Kunstverein - Kunstlerhaus, Salzburg

A new look on urban life. With photos, videos and installations Kar examines the world around us.

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Irene Kar
Within the series "Areas of Action"

In her photographs, videos and conceptual interventions, observes individual pedestrians in urban space. Taking a look at everyday rituals and casting light on socially relevant differences, she composes a picture of urban life from a diverse range of individual visual impressions. Irene Kar’s photographic works frequently have the character of installations in outdoor space (e.g. in showcase windows). In her "man" series (1998/99), she examined the gap between the ideal images suggested by the media and everyday reality, between prefabricated behaviour patterns and the subjective experience of men.

Irene Kar, born 1968 in Gmunden, lives in Salzburg and Vienna.

Opening: 17 September, 7 p.m.
Speaker: Susanne Neuburger, Vienna

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