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Buyuk Londra Oteli, Istanbul

An event connected with the 8th International Istanbul Biennial. An exhibition based on the relationships between art and music played on vinyl

comunicato stampa

Inserted into the existing record collection at the Büyük Londra Oteli, We’ll Meet you in the lobby is an invitation for guests and visitors to listen to art works on vinyl, while lounging in the lobby bar and drinking with friends.

The works, made by British artists or artists currently living and working in Britain, represent a number of ways in which artists have employed the specificity of vinyl to make a recording, transmit it and share the experience with an audience.

Analogue, in its stubborn immutable form has yet to be superseded. Evoking nostalgia of independence the medium imparts information across numerous seams indented on a rich liquorish sphere and is coveted for its sensuality and transcendence of styles of music and usage. It seems to symbolise the British art scene’s love of the alternative and underground, as well as emulating the desirability and cult following of the world of contemporary art.

The vinyl also allows for diverse situations, it can be played alone, to friends, or edited, mixed and appropriated through performance in spaces ranging from the bedroom to the lounge, the dance-hall to the nightclub. The lobby of the Londra Büyük Oteli with its eclectic collection of ornaments, antiques and paraphernalia provides the perfect atmosphere for this more unusual and unique listening experience. The record player is available for patrons to make their own personal record selection, put needle to vinyl and listen to any of the existing vinyls or those inserted for We’ll meet you in the lobby at any time of day or night.

Artists: The Red Crayola / Guy Bar Amotz / Pavel Büchler / Billy Childish / Jeremy Deller / DonAteller / Dave Allen, Douglas Gordon, Jonathon Monk, Ross Sinclair / Christian Jendreiko / Mark Leckey / Nathaniel Mellors / Studio Apartment / Mark Titchner and John Spiteri

Organised by November Paynter and Joanna Stella-Sawicka to coincide with the 8th International Istanbul Biennial with support from The British Council, Istanbul.

Buyuk Londra Oteli
Tepebasi, Mesrutiyet Caddesi 117
80050 Beyoglu

Patterns Istanbul
dal 19/9/2006 al 19/9/2006

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