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From Rome to New York
dal 24/4/2013 al 6/5/2013
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Marco Angelini

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From Rome to New York

Onishi Gallery, New York

Signs, Lines and Shapes. A collaborative international show with Marco Angelini, Giancarlino Corcos Benedetti, Michele Ciacciofera, Wataru Matsumura, H. Hugh Miller, Barbara Rosenzweig.

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Onishi Project is proud to present a collaborative international show with the Galleria André in Rome, Italy, “From Rome to NY: Signs, Lines and Shapes.” This exhibit, premiering in New York City with a second opening in Rome on May 2013, showcases three Italian artists, two American artists and a Japanese artist whose work re-imagines the geometry of signs, lines, and shapes through vivid composition and color.

With a variety of materials—oil on canvas, ink on paper, mixed media, and photography—the artwork in this exhibition explores the limits of abstract design. Marco Angelini and Barbara Rosenzweig create stark compositions whose conscious patterns and saturated colors communicate the speed and weight of modern design. Michele Ciacciofera and H. Hugh Miller’s creations play with light and focus, presenting images of human beings and landscapes whose outlines and shadows blur viewers’ perceptions as much as they sharpen them. And Giancarlino Corcos Benedetti and Wataru Matsumura explore the possibilities of image layering. They weave together spheres, symbols, and lines to create overlapping designs whose whole disguises and reveals images that each part cannot do alone. Together, these six artists expose the raw and polished art of geometry that lies within the natural landscape, the human form, and abstract pattern.

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 25, 6-8 pm

Onishi Gallery
521 West 26th Street - New York

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