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Ca. Dilemma
dal 19/4/2013 al 19/5/2013
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Ca. Dilemma

Pigna Project Space, Roma

Marieta Chirulescu, Gerda Scheepers. Una narrazione "quasi-psicologica" di una situazione immediata. I gesti fisici della produzione culturale cercano di diventare libro e una forma di collaborazione.

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Pigna Project Space is pleased to present "Ca. Dilemma", a collaboration between Marieta Chirulescu and Gerda Scheepers

The project will develop around the form of a publication made of photocopies, format DIN A4

In form of a book, we want to embrace both the immediate obstacles we are faced with in doing this exhibition together, as well as the similarly immediate positives. The physical gesture of cultural production trying to become a book, a flat piece of formulation referring to a physicality, deep and dark, the delicate sportsmanship inherent to collaboration, the optimism of the effort, the delicate confidence inherent to collaboration. A "circa-psychological" narrative of an immediate situation built with formal material means.

Marieta Chirulescu is born in Sibiu, Romania in 1974. She lives and works in Berlin. Her work has a distinct abstract pictorial language that uses an array of reproductive and digital printing techniques, drawing, painting and photography, Photoshop to photocopier. Chirulescu repeatedly scans from images that range from her own photographs to those taken by her father during the Romanian dictatorship and through to computer screen-shots or technical irregularities that occur throughout the scanning processes. Her works looks like filters, veil or projections make the impression of a nebulous haze of which depth and borders become blurred : it's sometimes difficult to decide between margins and edges which superimpose themselves to a kind of unreadable stratigraphy. Marieta Chirulescu likes parasitic incident : forgotten tape, scratch, dust, reflection, etc... a childhood memory from the books with an approximative print she used to read? In her works, she intuitively excavates the abstract surface within her paintings creating what can be described as an abstraction of the presence none of the virtuality.

Gerda Scheepers is born in Tzaneen, South Africa in 1979. She lives and works in Berlin. Gerda Scheepers’ compositions externalize personal, internal structures as decorative design. Speaking through an ornamental, minimal language, she makes drawings, collages, and sculptures. Her paintings and drawings create a surface of content functioning as pattern. Her works do not try to harmonize such contradictions, but instead hold them in tension. Her method invents third terms that open up abstraction as a way to escape dualisms. With works that deal with painting as their surface connection, but later reveal a linguistic undercurrent, Sheepers's work is an exploration of symbols and signs. For Scheepers, ‘arranging’ is at the focal point of her practice, where works within an exhibition show each other’s making, other exhibition plans, sketches and working environments such as studios and apartments are depicted. Works act in some senses, as note-taking, not only drawing attention to themselves, but each other.

Opening Saturday 20/04/2013 - 6pm

Pigna Project Space
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Ca. Dilemma
dal 19/4/2013 al 19/5/2013

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