Kurfurstenstrasse 21-22
Episode 1: Rules of Attraction
dal 22/5/2013 al 21/6/2013
wed-fri 16-19, sat 14-18

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Episode 1: Rules of Attraction

insitu, Berlin

Group show

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Works by Angelika Arendt, Pauline Bastard, Julian Charriere, Vadim Fishkin, Michael Kargl, Sophia Pompery, Tomas Werner. "Episode 1: Rules of Attraction" is an attempt to approach the subject of beauty as a criterion of contemporary art. Facing a word that is almost a taboo in art discourse, the curators ask how "beautiful" an artwork could or even should be today. The exhibition shows a selection of videos, sculptures, photographs and installations by seven international artists. Each of them reflects different positions of beauty, from a provocative seduction through to a behind-the-scenes revelation of illusion, always questioning the objectivity of the concept of aesthetics. Opening Thursday 23.05.2013, 18-22.

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dal 8/4/2015 al 2/5/2015

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