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Sarah Vanagt & Katrien Vermeire
dal 31/5/2013 al 29/6/2013
Wednesday to Sunday, 11:00 to 18:00

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Sarah Vanagt & Katrien Vermeire

Argos - Centre for Art and Media, Bruxelles

The Wave

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In The Wave the archaeological gaze of the viewer is set in motion: a mass grave from the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) opens and closes itself. In 2011 Sarah Vanagt (1976) and Katrien Vermeire (1979) placed a camera above the spot where nine victims were buried after their execution by Franco's supporters in June 1939. On day one of the excavation, a digging crane gently loosened the top layer of soil, until the archaeologists came across a skull with a bullet hole. Then the archaeologists continued their work by hand. The skeletons appeared, then disappeared, as if a strong wind blew that removed the sand and uncovered death, a primal truth. In the exhibition, Vanagt and Vermeire present the 20 minutes video work of the same title together with digital slideshows of the photographs taken at the excavation site. Opening 18:00-21:00

Pieter Geenen / SoundImageCulture
dal 1/10/2015 al 19/12/2015

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