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Independent Publishers and Zine Fair Vienna
dal 27/6/2013 al 29/6/2013
fri 4-10pm, sat 1-10pm, sun 1-6pm

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Independent Publishers and Zine Fair Vienna

Kunsthalle Wien, Wien

For the fourth time, the independent fair features more than sixty local and international exhibitors and artists exhibiting, selling, and exchanging their works.

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Critical, experimental, artist-led, self-published, expanding the boundaries of book art media

For the fourth time the Independent Publishers and Zine Fair Vienna will be hosted by Kunsthalle Wien. The successes of the previous fairs have resulted in this year's event expanding to three days, and will again see more than sixty local and international exhibitors and artists exhibiting, selling, and exchanging their works. Zines, posters, t-shirts, prints, magazines, printed ephemera, art books and art magazines will be displayed and sold.

Alongside the exhibitors, ten artists (including Ballabella Papers, Matthew Brannon, AA Bronson, Kerstin Cmelka, Sture Johannesson David Jourdan,Cameron Rowland, Stefanie Sargnagel, and Martin Vesely) will punctuate the fair with editions and interventions—some in the form of performances, some as prints, others as t-shirts. As a special exhibition, Hubert Winter, the Viennese gallerist, will curate a selection of art books and ephemera from his vast collection of works from some of the best-known '60s and '70s conceptualists. Parallel to the fair, a series of talks and discussions by a selection of expert speakers (a.o. with Post Brothers, Michalis Pichler and Hubert Winter) will touch on emerging practices and debates within zine culture, and will illuminate issues relating to independent publishing today.

Following the opening of the fair on Friday, the scene will shift to Kunsthalle Wien at Karlsplatz, where the spirit of the fair will continue well into the night with a party for the exhibitors and fair-goers, with music by Norbert & his last unicorn. Zines, artists, publishers, drinks, and dancing!

With countless book and zine fairs around the world, the Kunsthalle Wien's Independent Publishers and Zine Fair Vienna is a unique international event that aims to set itself apart with a particular dedication to a thriving local publishing scene in Vienna, pairing it with like-minded international makers for a series of productive exchanges and engagements.

Exhibitor list:
A-B Books (Zurich) / Allerheiligenpresse - all saints press - casa editrice tutti i santi (Innsbruck) / Black Pages (Vienna) / Bronze Age (London) / Bernhard Cella (Vienna) / Clit Clique (Vienna) / Create & Destroy Press (Vienna) / Cubo Vivo (Vienna) / dérive (Vienna) / Devonian Press (Rio de Janeiro) / Direktfanzine (Budapest) / Andreas Duscha (Vienna) / edition ch (Vienna) / Edition Krill (Vienna) / Søren Engsted (Stockholm, Vienna) / Eurozine (www) / Extrem Deprimierende Zines (Vienna) / FANS (Vienna) / Franz the Lonely Austrionaut (Vienna) / Freie Klasse – Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien / Gloria Glitzer (Berlin) / Greatest hits (Berlin) / H A M M A N N & V O N M I E R Verlag (München) / Hate (Berlin) / Hommage (Vienna) / Human Resources (Vienna) / innen (Budapest) / Karate Zines (Budapest) / Puneh Khalili-Ansari (Vienna) / Klorofill (Budapest) / Kodoji Press (Baden) / Anna Kohlweis (Vienna) / Lasso-Magazin (Zurich) / Maria Theresia Litschauer (Vienna) / Magazyn (Brno, Olomouc) / Matt Magazine (Munich) / Material Matters (Vienna) / monochrom (Vienna) / Motmot (Vienna) / Adam de Neige (Vienna) / Occulto (Milano, Berlin) / Panel (Vienna) / Paraguay Press (Paris) / Mark Pezinger (Berlin, Vienna) / Popup Press (Basel) / Rakete.co (Berlin) / rp reflex (Budapest) / Skulpi (Berlin) / SOYBOT (Vienna) / Starship Magazine und Verlag (Berlin) / Streulicht Mag (Vienna) / Aleksandar Todorovic (Berlin, Vienna, Bijeljina) / Undemi (Berlin, Paris, Rennes, Vienna) / united queendoms (Vienna) / Sergej Vutuc (Heilbronn) / Wandering (Basel) / Westphalie Verlag (Berlin, Vienna) / ztscrpt (Vienna)

Curators: Rita Vitorelli (artist and publisher of SPIKE Art Quarterly), Cathérine Hug, Gareth Long, and Vanessa Joan Müller

Fri 28/6 2013
10 pm, PARTY at the Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz with music by Norbert & his last unicorn, Live: Electra Noys

Sat 29/6 2013
3 pm, TALK: Hubert Winter, galerist, publisher and curator (Vienna), on his passion for producing, collecting and showing art books and ephemera
6 pm, PERFORMANCE: Kerstin Cmelka, artist (Berlin)
8 pm, PERFORMANCE: Stefanie Sargnagel, artist and publisher (Vienna)

Sun 30/6 2013
2 pm, LECTURE (D/E): Michalis Pichler, artist and publisher (Berlin), on „Conceptual Reading and Karaoke“
3 pm, LECTURE (E): Post Brothers, curator, writer, and artist (California, Antwerp), on the Steven Leiber Artists’ Ephemera collection
4 pm, IMPULSREFERAT (E): Ben Tendler, writer and editor, on Eurozine

Kunsthalle Wien
Museumsplatz 1 - 1070 Wien, Austria
Fri, 28/6 2013: 4 – 10 pm (followed by an afterparty at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz)
Sat, 29/6 2013: 1 – 10 pm
Sun, 30/6 2013: 1 – 6 pm
Free admission

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