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In The Studio

Kunsthalle Athena, Athens

The exhibition is the outcome of Daily Lazy Projects's online documentation showcasing images from artists's ateliers along with descriptions of their studio practices and workplace environments.

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The exhibition In the Studio is the outcome of Daily Lazy Projects’s online documentation showcasing images from artists’s ateliers along with descriptions of their studio practices and workplace environments (see “In the Studio”: The project was launched in December 2011 and is still in progress; currently the list includes contemporary artists based in Athens, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Zürich, Basel, Frankfurt, Florence, Valletta, Cluj- Napoca, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Rome, Washington,North Carolina, Stockholm, Bratislava, Rotterdam,Tampere, Dusseldorf , San Francisco, and more.

In the Studio will display the work of selected artists, concentrating on the presentation of in-progress and unfinished artworks, sketches, maquettes, and models, and other objects taken from the artists’s studios. The exhibition will attempt to expose the process of artistic practice, to portray art as a procedure and an activity, and to document the private milieu of the artist studio. Participating artists: Loukia Alavanou (GR), Athanasios Argianas (GR), Erik Binder (SK), Clara Broermann (DE), Stephane Calais (FR), Lizzie Calligas (GR),Thomas Chapman (US), Dionisis Christofilogiannis (GR), Michael De Kok (NL), Christina Dimitriadis (GR), Oana Farcas (RO), Petra Feriancova (SK), Shannon Finley (CA), Dimitris Foutris (GR), Torben Giehler (DE), Helidon Gjergji (AL), Stelios Karamanolis (GR), Vassilis P. Karouk (GR), Michalis Katzourakis (GR), Jan Kiefer (SH), John Kleckner (US), Caroline Kryzecki (DE), Marek Kvetan (SK), Daniel Lergon (DE), Sifis Lykakis (GR), Mathieu Mercier (FR), Svätopluk Mikyta (SK), Ilona Nemeth (SK), Yudi Noor (ID), Ilias Papailiakis (GR), Angelo Plessas (GR), Tula Plumi (GR), Vassilis Salpistis (GR), Georgia Sagri (GR), Frank Selby(US), Yorgos Stamkopoulos (GR), Daniel Steegmann (SP/BR), Henning Strassburger (DE), Joulia Strauss (RU/DE), Morgane Tschiember (FR), Brent Wadden (CA)

DLP collaborated with Lydia Pribisova for the selection and support of the Slovak artists.

About Daily Lazy Projects

Daily Lazy Projects was founded in 2011, in Athens, Greece. The current DLP team comprises artists Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Stelios Karamanolis, Tula Plumi, Yorgos Stamkopoulos. Its goal is to present projects touching on contemporary art issues through collaborations with artists, curators, organisations, and other practitioners involved in the arts. The scope of activities includes three residences: in Athens, Cluj-Napoca, and Berlin, and will involve other cities in an endeavour to negotiate the notions of “art scene” and “art centre”.

About Kunsthalle Athena

Kunsthalle Athena is a flexible art centre dedicated to the visual culture of our time. Its major objective is to reintroduce contemporary art and its significance to a genuine public sphere, prioritizing the possibility of co-producing and thus extending culture. Drawing on creative sources of varied origins and providing a vital core of social interaction and exchange, Kunsthalle Athena is constantly informed by the idiosyncrasy and distinctiveness of Athens and its public. Our desire is to emphasize the constant transformation of ‘the polis’ as a symbolic location for the production and dissemination of contemporary culture worldwide.Founded in 2010, Kunsthalle Athena is an initiative of curator and writer Marina Fokidis and remains grateful to its many friends for their generosity and spirit of solidarity.

About ReMap

ReMap is a biannual contemporary art platform organized by the not for profit organization ReMapKM. Running parallel to the Athens Biennial, ReMap spans across a variety of locations within the Kerameikos-Metaxourgeio Area in the Athens Historical Center and provides a new and distinctive way to create, access, interpret, share and experience international contemporary art, with the urban context, in Athens, Greece. ReMap 4 will take place in September 2013 intends to once more present a unique kaleidoscope of the current artistic production as it happens on a global and a local level.

DLP collaborated with Lydia Pribisova for the selection and support of the Slovak artists. &

Opening September 9th, 7 pm

Kunsthalle Athena
Kerameikou str., Kerameikos - Metaxourgeio, 28 - Athens

In The Studio
dal 7/9/2013 al 29/9/2013

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