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The Unhomely
dal 7/11/2003 al 11/1/2004
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The Unhomely

Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

The Unhomely brings together recent and contemporary art in response to Sigmund Freud's 1919 essay 'Das Unheimliche'- usually translated into English as 'The Uncanny'.

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Freud's essay 'Das Unheimliche', literally 'The Unhomely' but more usually translated as 'The Uncanny', identifies "the familiar, tame, intimate, friendly, etc." that can somehow excite "fear in general". This exhibition explores the unhomely aspect of Freud's essay and in doing so responds to the house at Kettle's Yard, echoing some of its furnishings, fixtures and fittings. Works focus on familiar objects rendered or made to appear, in different ways, inexplicable, uncomfortable or supernatural.

Amongst the exhibited works is Carsten Höller's 'Crocodile', 2002, is a lifesized transparent cast of an adult crocodile. Over four metres long, the work recalls a short story, recounted by Sigmund Freud, about a carved wooden table that comes to life haunting a home with ghostly crocodiles. David Shrigley will present a glass sphere containing 'Five Years of Toenail Clippings'. Simon Periton will present a number of works including 'Lantern 2', 2003 created from large sheets of meticulously cut sheets of overlayed fluorescent yellow, pale pink and black paper and rose mylar. The work appropriates imagery from the legendary 'Squatters Handbook'. Robert Gober will exhibit 'Drain', 1989, his iconic, stylised sinkhole. Bernadette Kerrigan's untitled works present fantastical landscapes meticulously fashioned from empty aluminium drink cans. Alongside these existing works Des Hughes and Jim Lambie will all be making new works for the exhibition.

On show works by: Caroline Achaintre, Robert Gober, Des Hughes, Carsten Höller, On Kawara, Bernadette Kerrigan, Jim Lambie, Sherrie Levine, Simon Periton, David Shrigley

Showing in the house, at the same time as The Unhomely will be 'Dwelling', a short video by Hiraki Sawa, in which a domestic setting is taken over by an increasing swarm of miniature passenger aircraft.

Kettle's Yard
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Christopher Wood
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